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Have you ever wanted to truly ask God for something, but you really didnít know how or what to ask for?Do All You Can To Seek The Best
1 Kings 3:18

Have you ever wanted to truly ask God for something, but you really didnít know how or what to ask for?

So many ask God for things that are the wrong things. They ask for fame and fortune, instead of the most important things that we all need.

If, God right now would happen to ask you what is it that you wanted, truthfully what would you tell him? What would your answer truly be?

Sit and think a minute, would it be fame, fortune a job, a baby, a new home , a new car, etc. ?

Or, maybe just maybe you wouldnít be worried about all of that. If, I told you that asking for selfish things would be your answer to all your problems would you believe me?

What if I told you, asking for selfish things is NOT the answer to your problems and all your woes you have. Did, you also know that how we talk and how we act, displays our character and the person we are and have become?

You didnít know that, did you? Well itís true! When we pray and we ask God to do this in our life, and do that are we being selfish or are we being unselfish? Think about it! Just, think about it for a few minutes ĖĖ what is it you are wanting God to do and give you?

Are you asking for the rightful things, are you seeking for Him to change a person, or are you asking Him to change you into a better person, or as I said, are you asking Him for something totally selfish?

Solomon, in 1 Kings, he had the opportunity to ask God for what he wanted, and it sure wasnít fame and fortune. He was open and honest with God, he couldíve asked God for Fame and fortune, but Solomon didnít.

Why, didnít he ask for fame and fortune? Solomon, wasnít worried about fame and fortune. Solomon asked for ďWISDOMĒ the understanding mind, a heavy heart, because he wanted to discern between good and evil.

Itís really a shame, when Godís people want selfish things, but they donít want what God wants us to have. They want, what isnít in Godís plan for them. We all as Christians should want wisdom and understanding, self control, discernment, prudence, discretion.

Have you read Proverbs? It teaches us that these things are more important than anything ĖĖ yep even more important than fame and fortune!

God wants us to desire good things, and desiring good things are more important and more valuable that silver and gold, rubies or pearls, or money or fame. Read Proverbs 3:13-15

What we seek after is what our over all character is and what we become. So many people seek after the wrong things. They seek sex, love in wrong places and in people, they seek after money, lies a sinful nature, and this is not pleasing to God at all and this is not what He wants for us!

If, we seek after God and His plan for us, and make Him number 1 in our lives, we ask for wisdom and understanding we will be happy and content and we will see Godís plans for us come together right before our eyes. And, He will provide all good things from the heavens, to us, just as He did for Solomon, what did he ask for? You remember? WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING!

Solomon asked for the right things, God also added to Him, friends, family, fame, success and popularity, abundance of wealth and possessions, more than He ever even asked for!

But, when we ask for the wrong things, we will have a rough going in our lives. Stop and think about what you are seeking and asking God to do for us, are you seeking the best or are your seeking the selfish things in life?

Ask God to help you in seeking the Best of Him through Him. Seek Wisdom and a Heart of Understanding which understands the hearts of others and needs, not just your own.

Ask God to help you to discern between the good and evil and grace to always to make the right choices in life and always when seeking, ask and seek the rightful things, never seek for selfish things in life because you will reap those selfish things and live with it.

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