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Is Your Heart Pure, Powerful
Having a Pure Heart?

Psalms 51:6 , God seeks people who are pure in heart, a person who has a pure heart, who is wholeheartedly serving God, is truly powerful.

David, tells us that having a pure heart means having truth in our "inner being" . Which is who we really are deep down in our hearts. Having a pure heart starts with paying attention to our thoughts, because our thoughts come our words, our emotions, our attitudes and our motives.

Even, when we know someone wants or needs us to do something, and we get these thoughts in our minds of all kinds of excuses and reasons why we cannot do something, why you don't or don't want to or can't or even the I won't, and that goes from our words, then the attitude, then the wrongful motives that is not a pure heart.

Many people today and I have experienced this with so many people, someone wants them to do something for them, or someone asks them to do something they immediately start letting their minds and thoughts control the circumstances and then they start coming up with every excuse they possibly can not to do something for someone.

Our mind can and will play tricks on us, our emotions, and some will say, “God told me not to, or God told me this”, when in actuality your mind was fooling you, because not all the time God works in our minds, He works in Our hearts, and if we have a pure heart we wouldn’t mind doing anything for anyone, so there you go, your heart is something which God gave you and He wants us to use it the way He meant for it to be used, not full of hate ,and selfishness, not to use it for vile reasons, and just think of ourselves and our wants.

The untruthfulness comes out, and that makes our hearts “Un-PURE” this makes the heart filled with envy, hate, malice, selfishness, lying, you name it, it has become something in which God despises. That is NOT a Pure Heart!

Un-Pure Heart, becomes like a thorn in Jesus’ side, your thoughts, your emotions, your attitudes, your words and the wrongful motives, all have something to do with having a Pure Heart!

Purity of the heart is not natural, we have to work at it. 1 Thessalonians 4:3, says, to desire and work toward purity of the heart because it's God's will. It's a challenge for all believers, that they be excites about accepting, but we never have to face it alone.

(REVAMP ABOVE: Purity of the Heart is not a natural thing in most people, it has to be worked on. In 1 Thess. 4:3 tells us, to desire and work towards purity of the heart because it’s God’s will, not our will, but there are times when the heart isn’t where and like it should be it controls who we are or whom we become, and that is a heartless person. )

God created us to be dependant on Him, to bring Him our troubles and He will help us with them. He's the only one who knows us inside and out, He knows whether we are sincere or not, there is a price to pay for a pure heart, but there is always a reward !

So, in order to do God’s will we ALL need a Pure Heart which can become very powerful. God never said the challenges we have in our lives will always be easy ones, but He knows and relies on “OUR TRUE Dependencies on Him”.

We Need to be excited about accepting what God has for us, and there are times the challenges we have in our lives, we feel like we just cannot do it, but with God by our side and in OUR HEARTS, we can all we have to do is call His Name and there He will be.

We never have to face them alone. God created us to be dependent on Him, to bring Him all of our troubles our hurts, no matter what it is, He wants us to bring them to Him. He’s the only one who knows us inside and out, He knows whether we are a sincere being or not.

There is a price to pay for having a Pure Heart, but there is always a REWARD waiting for us, we never have to be afraid of having a Pure Heart, because Our Pure Hearts can be a Powerful thing in our lives.

Never be afraid of making a commitment to having a Pure Heart, Jesus did, and many other’s had a Pure Heart, allow God to do a deep cleansing of your heart, let Him work in your heart, let Him purify your heart.

We may not always feel good about what He is doing, but He knows us better than we know ourselves and He knows what is best for us, better than we do, but if we do our part facing it, accepting it, and allowing God to change us and work in us, He will make sure we are blessed in all areas of our lives.

We never have to be afraid to make a commitment to allow God to do a deep cleaning and purifying work in us. We may not always like it, or feel good about it, but if we do our part- facing it, accepting it, and allowing the changes in us, He WILL make sure we are Blessed!

Written By: Patricia Burnette with help from Joyce Meyers Living Bible 2013

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