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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

 Welcome to "I Prayed For You Today"

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I prayed for you today
But not in the typical way
Not for riches or for fame
Not to keep your life the same.

But to make a difference in your life
To keep you always free from strife
To answer what you need to do
And to feel the love He has for you.

To bring you peace in your life
To always give you good advice
And to always open every door
To show you what He needs you for.

But most of all from heaven above
To let you know that you are loved
But most of all the one thing to do
To show you the love I have for you.

And so I ask from God above
To fill your heart with his love
And that I know you will see
All that love was sent from me.

© 2000 Jack Rickett
Used with permission - All Rights Reserved.

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