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Joseph brothers hated him, they wanted him out of the way, they sold him and he was put in a pit in prison, he was left there to diePit to the Palace

Joseph brothers hated him, they wanted him out of the way, they sold him and he was put in a pit in prison, he was left there to die. ( Genesis 37:23,34)

No matter what his brothers wanted, God had better and greater plans for Joseph. When Joseph was sold as a slave in Egypt, he became a servant to a wealthy rulers, then he was thrown into the pit again for a crime he never did. (Genesis 39)

Joseph was freed from prison, and he ended up in the palace - imagine that. He became the second in command to Pharaoh, the ruler of all Egypt. ( Genesis 41:39-46)

Even if Joseph was sold as a slave he wasn't about to be a slave mentally. He appeared to be defeated many times, but he kept standing up within himself. He had a good and rightful attitude. He had every right to if he wanted to have a bad attitude about what his brother did, but he didn't, he stood tall and firm he stayed in a good attitude, he was confident, never bitter. Joseph refused to be. He had confidence in God and he did, he trusted God by staying positive.

Joseph, stood up, he had the right attitude, without the right attitude people will stay in the pit, and not get out. With the right attitude we get from the pit so to speak and the palace where God wants us to be.

Some people have great talents and opportunities which God has given them, but they chose not to do any thing with them, or they try to use or be like someone else and they end up with the wrongful attitude and they end up doing nothing with their lives.

Some may end up with a slow or bad beginning in their life, but it's all in our attitudes, but we all need to have confidence in God to get us through and to be over comers and get rid of the obstacles and do succeed.

Joseph, was a dreamer, he had big plans and he refused to give up. (Genesis 37: 5-10) The devil he don't want us to be a success, he is always putting things in our way to stop us or try to, not do what God wants for us. God wants us blessed, the devil however don't, he don't want us to have good dreams and visions. He the devil he wants us to be a bunch of do nothing Christians.

If you started something for God, get it done finish it, be great at it. Because he wants you to do what you know how to do. Give the devil a black- eye swollen nose, fat lip and go on doing what God put in your heart to do, with a good attitude.

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