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Contrary to popular opinion, patience does not preempt action or decision makingPatience is Not Paralysis

Contrary to popular opinion, patience does not preempt action or decision making. In this modern age of acceleration, where just about everything comes to an instant version, patience has ceased to be seen as a virtue.

We want instant results; we want things done faster and faster, and any element of waiting to our modern mindset seems to equal inefficiency, laziness or worse.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are people who claim they are being patient, when they’re actually reveling in laziness. Both extremes deny God’s concept of patience. God Himself is patient, as his word so emphatically declares, but He is certainly not inactive. He controls and sustains the whole world, and is constantly at work in our own lives.

It is important that we understand the correct (Devine) perspective of patience.

 So, first of all, let’s see what patience is not.

                                               Patience is not………

Patience is not --- Aimless inactivity

As in sitting and waiting for something to happen. Patience is not sitting; that’s a paralysis, which is purposelessness.

Patience is not --- Denial

By being patient and waiting you are not denying reality. God can supersede human realities with His own supernatural reality.

Patience is not --- Timidity

Some see it as a weakness of character. Patience is actually strength you can exercise. It demonstrates self control that only the strongest in character possess.

Patience is not----Gritting your teeth while you wait attitude

This is actually controlled impatience. Patience is not manifested just by an outward attitude; it is actually the outward manifestation of an inner attitude of restful assurance, an inner strength based on understanding.

Patience is not --- Slothfulness of Passivity

It does not deny decision making or activity. For example, a person who is patiently waiting for the Lord to open a door for a job doesn’t stay at home in a rocking chair, waiting for the telephone to ring. Hebrews says: Be not slothful (lazy) but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises. The people he referred to who were commended for their patience were obviously active while they waited.





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