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Did you know you could have many God's in your life and not even know it or realize it

What Other God's Do You Have?
Deuteronomy 11:16-17

Did you know you could have many God's in your life and not even know it or realize it?

There are many things in our lives which can or has become "other gods" in our lives, yep sure can. Whether it be just yourself, your friends, computers, drinking, your job, even your family, music, your vehicles anything that takes more of your time then you spend with God, is other gods.

Anytime we, put other things before God the Father, it is considered as 'Other Gods." We are not supposed to turn our hearts to them and not put God first in our lives. Even, if you work a job and you spend all your time at your job and you don't put God first that is having other Gods, it is a sin, it's wrong.

We are to never forget to put God first, He is the ones who's place should be up front, front line n center, not on the back burner. God calls us, and He gives us the desire to do what He wants us to do.

Putting the things which He blesses us with before Him is an offensive sin. We cannot experience God's blessings and our desires He gives us, if our hearts are not in the right place before Him. We usually want to blame satan or someone else, but it's neither ones fault it becomes ours because we know right from wrong, we know what we should be doing, if we end up leaving God out of our lives, the only fault it becomes is our own.

If, you are living a life of troubles, pain, and always having problems in your life ---- then you cannot put the blame on something or someone else when we are not following what we should be doing. God wants us to be blessed, but He's limited, because you are limiting Him.

Stop limiting God, once you start putting God in the front ROW seat, you will continue to see and have problems in your life, I am not saying if you put God first you will not have test's and trial, what I am saying is, we ALL should make God the first priority in our lives, and the devil will be limited , but if you continue to leave God out the devil will make things even harder than they are for you now.

By you putting God first in your life, you will experience more peace, more joy, more mercy and grace, and more love for other's and Him. You will have more abundance, you will be seeing less of the devil in making your life more of a mess, because you have listened to all the excuses he has put in your mind, even though the devil sticks his big huge over-grown nose in, does not mean it's all his fault.

We are the ones, who have to put the devil in his place and start putting God on the front line bus and make sure we place Him the head of the class each and every day of our lives.

Let nothing come in between you and a relationship with God, and let noone come in between you and God, put God first and you will be blessed! I promise You!

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