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Obedience Brings the AnswerObedience Brings the Answer

2 Corinthians 1:20

God is a giving God, who wants to give you the answers to your prayers. He doesnít find fault or give grudgingly, and His love is perfect and unconditional.

Jesus Godís promises are all ĎYesí, but you say the ĎAmení (so be it), that causes those promises to work in your life.

He wants you to ask Him for what you want or need. Asking is the part of acting your faith.

ďAsk and it shall be given unto you. What things so ever you desire, when ye pray (ask), ye shall have them.Ē

God has good things He wants to give you, but when you ask for something donít give up if you donít receive something right then. That proves faith.

You must ask in Jesus name. Itís only through His name that we are able to obtain the promises of God. Ask and keep on asking, donít give up Ė keep faith.

Through His name, God has delegated to us ĎAuthority to utter Amen (so be it)í to working of Godís promises in our lives. When we pray in the ĎName of Jesusí, for the will of God and close with ĎAmení, itís putting Godís stamp of approval on your request.

Just believe and pray in ĎJesus Nameí.

Some people ask in the ĎName of Jesusí, but they do not receive answers to their prayer because they ask amiss, according to their emotions or carnal desires or their prayers are unwise.

They pray and touch on everything they can think of in hopes that something they ask or say will solve their problems. Or they simply ask for things based on their personal pleasures, on their selfishness or lack of confidence or Godís wisdom.

There are reasons for God not answering some prayers; some are because God has more things for them to do first. God wants our request to be based on His promises, not on our limitations, our fears, or our emotions. Fear and doubt, and other emotions can control a person that will pray selfishly or unwisely, but not praying at all is one of the biggest reasons for unanswered prayers.

When you face a crises donít let up on your faith or freeze in fear or give up, saying Ďforget ití. Also, ignorance of Godís word will keep you from receiving blessings, simply because you donít know they are available if you donít choose to learn about them, He regards you as foolish.

In the Bible, a fool is a person who is void of knowledge and does not want any. A man without knowledge gets himself into trouble but he blames his problems on God. He foolishly ignores God.

Ignorance and lack of knowledge causes hesitancy/indecision, lack of confidence in prayer; all these things will keep your prayers from being answered.

ďAnd if youíre a believer you can.Ē

The things you desire can be obtained when you acknowledge the power in and ask in the ĎName of Jesusí.

You cannot let your natural feelings control your reasoning because if you do youíll end up giving up.

We can have great faith in our hearts, but our minds can be overwhelmed by our human limitations and fears and we will pray unwisely.

But God wants us to pray our request based on His promises, not our limitations and fears, or on our emotions. The word of God gives you guide lines to follow in prayer and to help you understand how the law of faith operates, but if you donít pray you canít get an answer.

You have to purpose to be blessed; you ask for what you do want and diligently walk in accordance with Godís word.

ďMy people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.Ē

God wants you to know about all the good things He has planned for you, but if you choose not to learn about them He regards you as foolish.

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