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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "No Time Today...Lord I'm Just To Busy"

To Busy for God

 “Redeeming the time...." Ephesians 5:16 ”

"To Busy for God"

I used to be to busy for taking time out to spend with the Lord.

There was always something happening which always took my time up and in my family is usually each and everyday there is something going on, which stops it. But, without Jesus I am nothing and cannot do anything.... so before you leave Him out stop and remember below the poem!

We know in this day in time, there is business everywhere. Everybody is always in a rush, and never give God the time of day. If, this world would slow down some, you'd be surprised how much better this world would be, if people would acknowledge Christ Jesus.

When we do not take time out for Christ, then he will pass on down to the other person, instead of letting you be blessed by what He wanted to give to you. I got this along time ago, and thought you would be interested in it. As, if you read it carefully, you will see a meaning to this.

The Busy Life We Have

Moses was a very busy man, all the things that God had Moses doing, and all the people he had to make sure he took care of, he was really busy but "MOSES TOOK TIME FOR GOD."

Moses stood still and heard the Lord talk to him. Number 9:8 let's us know "stand still" to hear what the Lord wants to say to you. Ask Him daily to help you hear His voice clearly, and know it's Him who is speaking to you!

No Time Today Jesus


I haven't time today, dear Lord, tomorrow I'll give to thee.
So many things, so much to do, today I must work for me.
I know I promised this day, Lord, but something's has changed my plans.
The car needs washing, the yard's a mess, and I need to see a man.

So sorry, dear Lord, had to call just now, some relatives in town you see,
Tomorrow I'll make it up to you, Tomorrow, I'll give to thee.
Tomorrow---it never seems to come,
The work of the Lord is left undone.
If troubles should come to us today,
Suppose the Lord turned His face away.

He might ignore our earnest plea.
With words familiar in our ears could ring,
"Today I'm so busy with other things,
Tomorrow, dear one, I might listen to thee."
"Redeeming the time...." Ephesians 5:16



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