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Welcome to "No Not Me"

"No Not Me"
Matthew 16:22

Peter did a bad thing he rebuked Jesus. Anyone who rebukes the son of man has big time pride issues.

Peter's big problem with pride, so full of himself it's not funny - He really thought he had a much better idea than Jesus had.

Jesus had just said he was going to Jerusalem to be killed and to be raised from the dead. Peter's answers to what Jesus said, " Oh, no Jesus, you must not go. No that is not the thing to do." How did Jesus respond to Peter's remark?

In verse 23 " Get behind me satan You are in my way an offense and a hindrance and a snare to me."

Jesus had told Peter that Satan was going to try to sift him like grain and that Peter would deny his "Lord" three times, Jesus told Peter He had prayed for him that his faith would not fail. (Luke 22:31-34)

Peter did not believe that. He did not say, "Okay thank you Jesus, Please pray for me." He essentially said, "Oh I would never deny you, No not me".

When we usually say I will never do this or that we always find ourselves doing it. When Jesus was being accused, Peter was the only disciple which was recognized as having been with Jesus. The others present, but the spotlight wasn't on them it was on Peter. Peter continued to deny our Jesus this Lord and he started cursing to prove that he didn't know Jesus. (Matthew 26: 69-74)

God arranged for Peter to be recognized because Peter needed to be humbled. God had a plan for Peter for his life.

Peter loved Jesus, he just was still so full of himself. He argued with Jesus on these times.

Don't think Peter did it maliciously, but when it happens when someone's spirit had pride, the spirit of pride.

They always think they know everything more than anyone else, and will always argue attempting to prove they are right, when they aren't or they want to be.

Jesus knew Peter was useable material, but Peter needed work. He was like a diamond in the rough. He needed polishing, he needed time on the Potter's wheel, he was blind to think his own faults and weakness, was okay. He was so blind to his won faults.

We all usually are blind to our faults and we have to admit them and work with them by asking Jesus to help us. Jesus had to teach him a lesson and he did. Peter ended up very weak, repentant, very submissive after his humbling experience.

God has a plan for our life and he will deal with every bad attitude and character flaw in you in order to prepare you to fulfill and enjoy the great purpose He has for your life - As he did Peter.

Matthew 18:15-17
When another Christian or other person wrongs or offends you, what do you normally do? Be a tattle tale and tell other about it? Or you let the anger build up inside?

Jesus, teaches us how to properly handle things like this in our life, by bringing correction and reconciliation.

Next time someone wrongs you offends us by another believer be sure to go to that person first and ask God to help you say what you need to say.


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