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Aglow With The Glory Of God"Are You Turning & Looking Back"

When the Israelites was being led out of Egypt headed to the "Promised Land" all they did was complain and hating their hardships as they were traveling through the wilderness.

The way we behave and the way of our attitudes that we display of our own wilderness experiences would be a main factor in how we will stay there.

There are so many people who gripe and complain about everything in their lives, of where and how and what in their lives and why they are still sitting where they was last year and the results of it, they never make any progress in their lives because they complain about everything and this is not the right way to "A, B, C."

The children of Israel complained and wanted to turn back from where they came from. Made a mistake of bringing unbelieving Egyptians with them. In Number 11:4 they are called " mixed multitudes." or "nabble" these people did not Love God and tempted the Israelites by reminding them of the dubious benefits of Egypt.

The devil reminds people today of the benefits they has while they were in the world and doing the things their own way.

When we decide to live for God, all kinds of things used by the devil and try to get us to grumble and to complain. The devil will try to influence us to do the total opposite of what God wants us to do.


There are plenty of places in our lives where we can park ourselves and turn around and go back. But by us pressing on and following God's plan for ourselves we will be greatly blessed for moving forward to the end.

Being in God's perfect will is the most comfortable place in the world to be.





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