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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to Hot, Cold, or Are You Lukewarm?"

The Lord Jesus will Save You From The ANTICHRIST"Hot, Cold, or Are You Lukewarm?"

God, wants everyone to go to heaven, He wants all of us to serve Him with enthusiasm, and whole heartedly. God does not want or appreciate the half hearted effort.

Revelation 3:15, 16 warns us against being lukewarm and teaches us that being lukewarm neither hot or cold is not acceptable to God.

God would prefer that we be cold towards Him, than be lukewarm. God desire is for us to be HOT, on fire for Him, with joy. His word, principles, His will for our lives.

It seems being lukewarm is better for some people that being anything else. There are so many people are deceived into thinking they are doing what they should be doing when in reality they surely are not. So, so many offers sacrifices, not whole-heartedly in obedience.

Example : People might go to church as in it being an obligation, but truth known about it, they really don't want to be there at all. When people are totally cold towards God, they know it, and they can deal with it easier than one who has been deceived.

God moving and we can be on board, or we can get left behind where we are standing or sitting.

Being rebellious and obstinate will get us left right where we are. If, you don't want to get left behind then get Jesus in your life get on board. If, you don't have Jesus in your life please do so now, because HE IS THE REAL THING........ HE IS COMING VERY SOON!!!!

Many people waste their time and this brings turmoil and waste their lives before they can really experience being all you can be with the help and love, security with Jesus !!!

So many have gotten their heads into cursing, lying, cheating, drinking, fornication and they treat people so hatefully, they become so cold, they actually think just because they believe in God and Jesus, means they can go to heaven.... that is wrongful thinking. You have to treat other's with love and kindness, and mercy and always give them grace. Because Jesus knows your heart better than anyone. Those that believe this is wrong and wishful thinking, because they are fooling themselves because YOU CAN'T GET TO HEAVEN like that!

Just like many people, they are hateful, ruthless, they cuss up a storm or even use some curse words, they lie, cheat, steal, etc. and they actually think they can get to heaven that way, but that is being a cold ice cold Christian.

Always remember GOD never does anything half way--- and neither should we. Whatever your task is or maybe work at it fully, not half way, with your whole heart not just part of it, do it for Jesus.... HE DIED FOR YOU what will YOU DO FOR HIM?

The 1st commandment is of GOD, and we are to LOVE HIM, with our whole heart not just a piece of it, our whole heart, soul and mind. If, we do we will be honored by Him, and be very fulfilled and blessed. Never lag in zeal, and in earnest endeavors, always be aglow for Jesus and burn with the spirit serving the LORD!!!


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