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 They are so many people in the Bible who are victorious and they faced God with their problems, not on themselves Looking and Living
Numbers 21:6

In Numbers 21:6, let's us know and recap on what happened to the Israelites, they were dying in huge numbers because of the plague of snakes had come upon them, they were being bitten as result of their sins.

What did Moses do, how did he react, he prayed. Moses, turned his attention to God, not on himself or anyone else, for that matter. They are so many people in the Bible who are victorious and they faced God with their problems, not on themselves.

They didn't worry they Prayed. When things come our way, we need to always remember to pray and out our trust in God, not in man for anything, but GOD!

Moses sought God on how to handle those snakes. He didn't try to come up with his own plan, and want God to bless it. Moses, didn't try to answer, not did he worry, He prayed and his action got a response from God.

God told Moses, to make a bronze serpent, set it on a pole, and put it in front of the people. Every snake bitten person who looked at it would live. This, represented the Cross, in the New Testament, Jesus taking our sins away by dying on the cross for us.

Just as Moses did with the serpent, so does Jesus need to be lifted up in order for everyone who believes in Him, may not perish but have ever lasting life! John 3:14,15

If, you stop and think about it, this message still goes for our current times, today ---- Looking and Living--- always look up to Jesus and at all He has done instead of griping and complaining and showing ungratefulness, and negativity, then look at yourself and what you have done and can do, through Jesus Christ!

Jesus is your can do, no matter what it is, Looking and Living for and to Jesus, He Can Do and Fix Anything!

Trust in Him, Keep Praying, Believing, Trusting all the time, Be Thankful, show some Appreciation with Gratitude!! Jesus Deserves it... Don't You Agree!

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