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 Welcome to "The Joy Of Heaven When One Repents of Their Sins"

The Joy Of Heaven When One Repents of Their Sins"The Joy Of Heaven When One Repents of Their Sins"

Wouldn't it be something if we knew what to do and how to get the lost to come to Jesus! They are lost souls, and need to be found!

You may think this is a silly way of writing this, but in a way, it really sets a point.

My husband, not to long ago about 4 months ago I guess, brought in breakfast from Hardees, I think it was, he was up all night long, he placed my keys in the grey drink holder, you know the 4 cup deal? My adopted sister/niece was here and we was talking and for some odd reason my husband instead of putting the trash in the kitchen can, he carries the bag and the grey 4 cup holder outside in the big trash can. About 10 minutes later the garbage men came and took the trash.

Not realizing what he had done, he puts my keys on the 4 grey cup holder and when we got done eating he puts the bag on top of the grey cup holder and then his cup and then carries it all out to the big can.....about 3pm we was about to go get my mother right up the street about 3 houses from ours, to carry her out to eat like we always do when he's off, we look and cannot find them no place, no where, no how. Then I remembered what he had done earlier that morning and then I ask him you didn't accidentally throw them away did you?

No, he said, I was so tired when I came in I don't remember if I did or not, so we back track steps and then it dawns on me, you threw them away, and the trash men done came and gone, so he goes and looks in the can and nothing, which I already knew that... so I am upset and calling my mother and telling her that once we find my car keys we will be up there to get her.

To no avail, we cannot find them, so I am getting upset more and more, the more we search the more I am getting all bent out of shape , telling him, all my keys was on there, house keys, car keys, truck keys and it's tool box keys, mother's house keys and garage keys, my keys that my mother had given me of my daddy's, because since the other two girls got the main things from my dad when he died I didn't get much of anything, all of those keys was on my keys, and him not having any sleep he didn't stop to think that it was heavier than it usually is. So I am justv all out of sorts and pleading with him to go to the dump and look for my keys, I wanted my keys back, please go get my keys.

Reason why I was pleading was because my daddy's keys was on there and my mother's house keys were. I was going off, I wasn't meaning to, but I was almost hysterical and I wanted those keys back. I told him he'd better go get my keys, I was crying and pleading, and not realizing in reality that there would be no way he would be able to find them through everyone's garbage and get them, and they was closed to on top of that.

Once the reality stepped in, husband starting calling around for a locksmith, my car key had a chip in it, so they had to program it and everything, so that took about 2 hrs or so, and once they got finished I didn't even feel much like going anywhere, but we promised my mother so I decided ok, we'll go.

My point to this is this, there are so many people that is lost, and they want to be found and when they don't know what to do they loose their sight. I know maybe the story really don't seem to go with this, but in a way it does, because those keys of my dad's was important to me, even though they were keys, they went to all his things which he used all the time, and they was precious to me, because as I mentioned I didn't get one of his cars, I didn't get his stereo, or any of his main things, my other 2 sisters did, so those keys was my dad's and that was all I really had from him.

But, when we loose something or someone or even their friendship we become lost in our hearts and our way of thinking, and when there is a lost soul or many lost souls, they are searching for something which will ease their pain, something which will get them through their bad circumstances and make them feel whole again. My keys was lost, I mean for good and they was not meant to be found, and same with sinners, they are lost and want so much to be found again.

Noone, wants to help them find their way, they are scared to tell them about Jesus, the one who can actually find them again, and wants to release them of all their worries and dismays in their lives. People, are to afraid to mention Jesus Christ to them, they don't want to let them know about Jesus Christ the one and only one to be able to find His lost sheep, they either are scared tow witness, or scared to just mention Jesus' Name, or they do not know what and how to talk to them, so the sinners stay lost.

They are lost and don't know how to be found again, they loose their sight of reality, and that is what makes them stay in the darkness and not brought into the light it's like a domino effect, the more people who stay in darkness they all fall down into further sin, or they stay right in the darkness of this world. If, more people would witness to their families and friends and then one tells one and the other tells another and so on, and we are helping Jesus bring more people to Him.

We all can keep going through life wanting to find something and never can find it, unless someone else shows us where it is that we are searching for and how to get it back. God wants' to show us and give us His mercy and His Grace and it is up to those of us, to help bring in the lost so they can be found, otherwise they will stay lost. Did, you know it is up to US Christians to help bring the sinners back home in Christ, and their lives are on our hands, if we do not try to bring them back?

There are many in this world, who are so lost they cannot even find a strip of light to walk out of the darkness they are in, and unless we help them along their way to come to Jesus Christ, they will stay lost without any help or direction to go look to be found.

If, you have friends and family that are lost and they don't know Jesus and are waiting to be found and lead out of their wilderness, please help them, pray for them, speak to them about Jesus Christ and give them direction, because Jesus not only died for you, He died and sacrificed His life for them as well.

Because if we are aware of them being lost, it's our job to do our best to get them out of their wilderness and into the light and for them to be found again.

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