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Give me the ability to help people so that they can be partakers of the Devine nature – successful though the promises of God and achieve all you have designed for them in life!The Highest Reward

Any goal worth waiting involves patient waiting while the Lord works.

“Give me the ability to help people so that they can be partakers of the Devine nature – successful though the promises of God and achieve all you have designed for them in life!”

As I was praying, I saw these people’s hearts. Many were troubled; that’s when I cried out to God saying:
“Oh God, use me!”

Patience is an affective force.

When properly understood, that force will enable you to walk in victory and will cause you to possess the promises of God.

Lack of patience, on the other hand, is one of the major causes of people’s failure to receive the things that God has promised.

Best your faith is patient, and do believe that you will possess the promise!

Any goal is worth the wait. Saints of God throughout the ages had to walk this road on the way to victory and the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Joseph was sold as a slave, and later was thrown into Pharaoh’s prison. He had received a vision of what God had for his life; and thirteen years he waited for the fulfillment of that vision.

There must have been moments when he wondered; yet there is no record that Joseph ever cast away his confidence.

He received his reward when he was elevated to the second highest position in Egypt – and he was able to perform his duties as a prime minister of the land because of the preparation re received during those long years of waiting.

Moses was in the desert and outcast, caring for his father-in-laws sheep. He was so sure God had chosen him to deliver his people. He wondered where he had gone wrong.

But years later he was leading millions of Israelites through the wilderness. He must have thanked God many times for experience of those years in the back of the desert – year’s that had acquainted him with those surroundings and that had taught him many skills he needed as God used him to guide the Israelites to the promised land.

A process was going on while they were waiting. God was shaping their lives so that, when the time came for the fulfillment of His plan, they were prepared.

Through faith and patience, they inherited the promises. Patience was credited to Abraham as an expression of his faith. He manifested his trust and faith in the Lord by waiting patiently for the fulfillment of the promise.

While, through patience, he received the promise, even more deeper with his walk with the Lord; being conformed in His image.

That should be the supreme aim of our lives, no matter what our circumstances are; to be conformed to the image of Jesus.

“For whom he did fore know, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son, that he might be the first born among many brethren.”

The process takes time and demands patience. The road for the highest rewards of the Christian life always goes through the valley of patience.

And many never persist all the way through the valley to the reward. People misconstrued patience.

“How do you, dear reader, define patience?”

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