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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to The "The Kingdom of God and How To Get There / John 3:3"

Noone here on Earth actually knows what color's of Gem that is in Heaven, even though the Bible describes them but it does not say which colors. The only one that it mentions is the Clear Crystal Jasper. I tried to find all that was mentioned in Revelation


 Try to visualize The Beauty of Heaven.... can you?

It is so very sad, that many doesn't believe in "Heaven" and those which do believe in "Heaven" don't really care or even know where to begin to get to "Heaven."

These verses below will show one how to get to "Heaven" and beautiful and Glorious place that we will be for Eternity, with the Lord God The Father!

The Scripture Verse   Bible Statement
Matthew 4:17   To enter you must confess and repent of sin
Matthew 5:10-12   Those persecuted for their faith will receive rewards there
Matthew 7:21   Not all who talk about it belong there
Matthew 13:31-32   Small beginning but great results
Matthew 13:33   Worldwide impact
Matthew 13:44-46   Priceless value
Matthew 13:47-49   Cannot judge who will be in it
Luke 4:43   Good news to all
Luke 10:21   Equally available to all
Luke 12:31   Must be the believer’s top priority
Luke 13:22-30   The door is now open to all, but one day it will close
John 3:3   To enter you must be born again

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