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Welcome to " You Must Grow Up "

God desires us as His children to learn the same thing! RESPONSIBILITY!

 You Must Grow Up
Exodus 32:30-32

There is one thing we know when we read and we follow Exodus the Israelites didn't want to take any responsibility for any of their acts, Moses sought God for them, he also did the praying he even tried to do their repenting when they acted in badly and got in trouble.

Eventually, this came to an end, the Israelites had to begin to become responsible for their own actions. An infant when they are born they didn't have any responsibility at all whatsoever, how can they, they were just born, they are way to young to know or do anything.

However, when they grown up through the years they are expected to take in more responsibility as they age. One thing us parents can do is, teach our children responsibility and to learn to make them accept their responsibility.

God desires us as His children to learn the same thing! RESPONSIBILITY!

In all we do or say, how we act we have to grow up and take responsibility in all we do because we are grown and we all have to learn things in our lives, even though we don't want to or like to.

We have to do things ourselves, and take the responsibility for all we do, act, the things we say, how we treat other's, how we carry ourselves in all actions and our attitudes.

Let's don't let people who become passively let other's do for us, act for us, talk for us, on what we need to do and how we should act.




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