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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "Do You Wrongfully Use God's Name?"


God does not damn, He Blesses, He only Damns those that refuse to listen"Wrongfully Using God's Name"

There is one thing I cannot stand and I hate with a purple passion is when someone uses "GOD'S Name in vain. There is no sense in that, like I always say, "God does not damn, He Blesses, He only Damns those that refuse to listen."

I look at it this way, if you have nothing better to say then "Our Lord's Name In Vain" then glue your mouth shut and don't say a word."

God gave you life, He gave you a heart and breath to breathe and He gave you all that you have, and you I am sure can say something better than saying "God's Name In Vain."

I know in our society so many people have lost their way, and have found themselves in some awful circumstances, but that does not give anyone the right to use God's Name in Vain, they have lost all due respect not only for other's but for God and themselves also.

Do you use Jesus' Name, The Lord's Name, God's Name disrespectfully?? Jesus, died for you and your sins, and how can a person show so much disrespect like that, not caring how they talk and speak to other's!

Anyone, who uses His Name in Vain, truthfully needs their mouths washed out in soap, there is so many ways that one can say His Name in Vain, check it out!

OMG, OML, Geez, Geese, different variations, get rid of the bad language and give God some respect and Honor! He sure did for you when He died on the cross for you!

Jesus' Name represents all that Jesus Is and all that He will continue to be. Watch Your Mouths and how you use His name because He is keeping records of all you say and do and how you act!

Jesus' Name is to be Honored, Adored, Lifted High, Praised not slithered to pieces by people who have nothing good to say!




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