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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

 Welcome to "Wow What God Created Further"

When He created man, He said, it was good. That's like He created man, which became He created each of us"God's Creations Are Awesome 3"

In Genesis Chapter 3

When God created the Heavens, Earth, Birds, Bees, Flowers, Trees, Animals, Man and Woman, He sure was creative!

He made everything so beautiful, and so perfect. When God made Adam, as we mentioned on God's Creations 2, He gave Adam the authority over everything, and Adam was pretty busy, I'll say, because he was in charge of naming all the animals, can you imagine the job he had!

Our God is am Awesome God, and His creativity is just beautiful, He made everything. He made everything out of His love, He was so creative, He wanted us to have the best of the best, the ideas God had was so numerous.

God, has given each of us creativity as I mentioned on the other pages, you may have read, He gave us Our Very Own Creative desires in each one of us. Do you know your creativeness which He gave you?

The Holy Spirit which was at present at the time of creation, did you know that? Just as, the Holy Spirit is inside each of us, we have to truly accept it, when we accept it Our Lord Jesus Christ, as our Savior!

Some people become scared to explore their creativity, they are afraid to step out and try new things. With God, you can trust and depend on Him, to help you find out what your creativity is.

God created us to have variety and diversity in our lives. He don't want us to be bored and unhappy with what we do. He wants us to be all we can be and try new things to bring us out of the boredom to help us be happy and fulfilled in our lives and through Him we can.

Don't never be afraid to try something new, if you like to draw, draw, sing, sing. graphics, sew, etc. there is always something God implanted in us, to help us be happy and grow. STEP OUT OF THE SHELL, and try something NEW, He will help you, and He sure isn't going to leave you stranded!

Go Ahead Ask Him, what your creative master is, He will be glad to help you with it!

Part of human nature is that we as a living human beings like Adam, have a free will. Why? Because God does not force submission from anybody, He gave us a FREE WILL.

He wants us to freely choose to Love and Serve Him. Will you make a fresh start and make the choice to freely serve the Lord, and make the commitment to hope and serve God with all your Heart!

When we serve the Lord, we can rest assure that we ARE SERVING A TRUE & MIGHTY GOD!

One that will never ever leave us, nor forsake us, He is always on the Hot Line waiting for us, to CALL HIS NAME! He is one that we can always trust in everything we do or go through and He can redeem the sinners to a be a forgiven vessel and be used by Him, to help bring other's to Him.

No matter what we go through we can know that we have someone we can call upon no matter the time of day, or the hour, He's always there for us.... PERIOD!

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