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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

 Welcome to "God Created Adam In His Image"

When He created man, He said, it was good. That's like He created man, which became He created each of us"God's Creations Are Awesome 2"

In Genesis Chapter 1:26,27

When God created Adam, He created Him in His image, He gave Him the authority over everything He created. Man was created to rule under God, and to be physical carrier of God's Spirit here on earth.

Part of human nature is that we as a living human beings like Adam, have a free will. Why? Because God does not force submission from anybody, He gave us a FREE WILL.

He wants us to freely choose to Love and Serve Him. Will you make a fresh start and make the choice to freely serve the Lord, and make the commitment to hope and serve God with all your Heart!

When we serve the Lord, we can rest assure that we ARE SERVING A TRUE & MIGHTY GOD!

One that will never ever leave us, nor forsake us, He is always on the Hot Line waiting for us, to CALL HIS NAME! He is one that we can always trust in everything we do or go through and He can redeem the sinners to a be a forgiven vessel and be used by Him, to help bring other's to Him.

No matter what we go through we can know that we have someone we can call upon no matter the time of day, or the hour, He's always there for us.... PERIOD!

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