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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

 Welcome to "God Created a Beautiful Place"

When God created this World, He created a beautiful place. He said, it is good. When He created man, He said, it was good."God's Creations Are Awesome"

In Genesis Chapter 1:31

When God created this World, He created a beautiful place. He said, it is good. When He created man, He said, it was good. That's like He created man, which became He created each of us, and we all have a beauty within us, that He Himself created.

He has given each of us, talents and gifts that only we can produce the way He sees fit, or want it to look like, or be like.

Somewhere, down the line in our lives, we are always trying to catch up and do what we need to do, we are always trying our hearts out to make it as perfect as possible. We sometimes, do not care of how long it takes us, we are going to accomplish it and finish it, right!

This story I am about to tell you, is yes, about me and on some pages you may have read most of it already, but let me say that there are so many things which I have been through and are still trying to accomplish and most the subjects I have read pertain to my struggles as well.

As, I mentioned we all try to play catch somewhere, sometimes in our lives, and I have had to try to play catch up most of my life, since I guess about 29 yrs old. Trying to play catch up on the things we love doing or God gives us, the harder we work at it and do our best to make it as perfect to perfection we can, takes work, long hours, and understanding on family sides, etc.

No matter what Job God gives us to do, will be worth the reward in the end, and I am Thankful for the Work that I feel God has given me, instead of fighting with other websites that aren't doing anything, to be productive.

God has blessed me in so many ways, that I will need to make more pages just to express all He has done for me and my husband. God, made us to His perfection, He made us all to be unique in ways that are so much different than other's. He never gives us anything that we cannot handle, or do, it all takes determination and will power and strength from Him to help us do what He wants us to do!

What God has given me to do, is something He already knew ahead of time, and that is being creative! I love creating graphics from graphics, making new graphics from other's, and designing websites (simple-ones) none filled with a bunch of flash and java, which slows down the loading of a website. I feel good about what I do, and there was a time I spent hours on end re-creating graphics out of other graphics, and designing other websites, which it made me happy, and God knew this before hand.

I hardly had time for myself, but I really didn't care because I was in to all I enjoyed doing, and it made me feel good about myself. I know no matter how I feel and as tired as I may become, I know deep within my heart GOD IS HAPPY WITH ME!

There has been times, no doubt that I would have so many issues, I'd just want to throw my hands up and say "I QUIT" but you know what, there is something that pulls me back in to do it and God helps me, because that is what I am supposed to do!

Through all my problems I have had, I began to doubt that, that this is what God wanted me to do, and that is continue updating this website, I originally created in 1998, I began to feel insecure and just wanting to give up trying, but I cannot.

Why? Because I feel in my heart this urgency of getting this website done, and completed, I have so much more information to add, and in my heart and mind I feel as if I won't have enough time, so I work hard. Yes, I do have some play time with my Facebook games, but I work on this in between , I know God gave me this creativity for a reason, to me it's His beauty given to me, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do all I do, do.

He approved of me, He approves of all my efforts, and I have to learn to Approve them to and enjoy what I went through and going through to accomplish them.

However, God may not approve of everything we do, but He does approve of us. He Created US, and He wants us to enjoy what we do, the fruits of the work we do. After, I usually get done creating a webpage or graphic, I approve of it and smile, and then I am anxious to show my husband and friends, and other family if they are around or online.

So whatever God has given you to do, DO IT, and APPROVE of what You have done. Always, seek God's wants and desires for your life, because He has already Approved of You and He CREATED YOU!

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