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 Welcome to "God Wants To Bless You"

Jesus is the Devine Son of God.His words are filled with life because He has conquered death"God Wants To Bless You"
Genesis 33

All power in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus. Jesus is not just another prophet, nor is He just a great philosopher or humanist.

Jesus is the Devine Son of God. His words are filled with life because He has conquered death.

Now because of His resurrection He has power to give His followers eternal life and an answer to their petitions. Whatever your petitions, your have their answers because Christ has conquered death, sin, and Satan.
You to can conquer through His victory.

Jesus Christ went down to Hades and wrenched the keys of death and hell from Satan.

At that time, he released the captives and defeated the principalities and powers that had held them.

“Jesus, he conquered those who had conquered us; such as sin, the devil and death”.

Jesus not only conquered Satan and his demon forces, He made public example of His victory by leading a train of vanquished foes before the angels and divine jurisprudence of God.


Released from effects of sin
We have the power over Satan, we no longer need to fear him. By speaking the word and knowing the word we can strengthen our own bodies, souls, spirits, and our minds.
And our faith will grow so the God can answer our prayers.



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