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 So many times I wonder why I have to go through so much to get where I need to be

God Has Gotten Me Through

By Patricia Burnette 8-31-2014

So many times I wonder why I have to go through so much to get where I need to be,

I've been through tests and trials to test my faith in thee.

I sit and wonder when I will feel the joy of you in my heart and in my mind,

I soon remember that it all takes some time.

I know I am not perfect, I mess up all the time with mistakes,

I don't mean to do them, but sometimes they just happens as they say.

I try so hard to do right be all I can be,

I try so hard to become a better Christian you see.

Many times I just want to throw my hands up and say I quit,

But because I'm so far behind on things I need to be done,

I just can't get enough energy to sit and do so sometimes, I say that's it.

Been through many heartaches, many tears I have cried, but God has gotten me through all these years

with the heartaches of mine.

He's been there no matter what or how I feel,

and when I call on Him I know He will hear and be all the nearer .

With all the times I failed Him, all the times my life went the wrong direction,

there God was waiting on me to call on Him for salvation.

He has gotten me through all the storm's of my life,

and you reach out to Him He will do the same for you,

just reach out and call upon His name and His forgiveness is true

it gives true salvation and your life becomes light.


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