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Welcome to "Destroying All of Your Giants"



"Destroying All of Your Giants"

Numbers 13:33

There were many times in my life, I looked at myself as useless, unproductive, always felt like I never can get it right, but still felt so unworthy of all I have been trying to do and accomplish in my life. Thinking most of the things in my life I was doing was the right things to do, but it ended up not being.

I guess it was because, I was abused by two ex-husbands, one tricked me and beat on me, beat my head against a concrete wall, left me starving most of the time, he would go off for days saying he was working, and planned for me to be raped, still not sure to this day after all these years, why I made such stupid decisions in my life. The giants have over powered me, I have been through so much in my life, that everywhere I turned it seemed like the giants followed everywhere in my life.

But still to this day, I have problems with depression mainly due to what is going on in this world today as we know it, family their animosity for one another, Unforgiveness for each other, the hate, etc. but I do my best to do the best I can and be the best I can be, and keep my eyes and mind, heart on Jesus.

Because , if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here today, if I didn't have Jesus inside my heart I would be like the men Moses told to go spy on the giants. All they did was complain, STOP THE COMPLAINING and STOMP ON YOUR GIANTS that are hindering you from doing and being all God wanted you to be.

There are times I panic like they did but by looking to Jesus and trusting in Him, He has gotten me through some very frighting things in my life, and I know I can count on Him no matter what or how big my giants had gotten.

So, no matter the Giants in your life look at the main source and that is Jesus, because Jesus is Greater and Bigger than any Giant we could ever face in our lives, God the Father He gives Us Strength, He gives us Hope and He Gives us HIS LOVE.

He gave the me the strength and the power to overcome and He will do you the same way as well. Always Believe in Him and ask Him to destroy the Giants in your life you are facing and standing in your way and He will Stomp on them for you!



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