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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "Get God Into It and In Your Beginning Of Your Day"

"Seek, God’s Face and His Glory"

Give your day to God

I am not at all sure when I wrote this down, but whenever I did, boy does it make sense and make me understand why, my days quit going right. Read, these tips, below and copy them down, if you need to!

I am always looking for better ways to improve myself and always trying to find things which is an inspiration to me and of, course other's I pray that these tips below will help you!

1. When you get up each morning, make sure you begin your day in praying and get God to fully get in control of your day.

2. Read your bible, you don’t have to spend a lot of time, but one needs to spend time with the Father, no matter if its just 10 minutes each time, but make sure you spend adequate time, with His word.

3. Seek, God’s Face and His Glory first thing in the morning, you will be surprised as to what your day will turn out to be.

4. If, you want to hear God when He speaks to you, then make sure you have quiet time.

5. Give your day to God and give Him all you have whether material or physical. When we give God our all, He knows we want to make sure He is Our 1st thing in our daily life.

6. You can Pray and Talk to God, no matter what you may be doing....you can always, let Him know you need Him and to be with you without the day everyday.

If, you have ever noticed, in the morning’s when you want to pray everything seems to catch you before you and then you forget to pray or you say you don’t have time, to pray….your day goes bad right? I know mine surely does a lot.

Satan, knows what gets to us and he know what makes our temper fly. Satan often uses this against us and he knows it will stop us, from making actual contact with Our Source “LORD JESUS CHRIST.” Satan, know just how to attack us, on issues which we think is really important, or we must get done.

Take it from me, boy do I know this one…every time I turned around good, something was upsetting me and making me irritable and impatient. Why?

Because, I wasn’t placing God as my source of my Daily Contact, instead I was putting my daily contacts within myself. I caught myself many of times complaining because I can’t or couldn’t do this or something would keep falling out of my hands and breaking or something would really upset me. And, that old mean rotten stinker of the Devil, he knows where to stick his nose.

Complaining, about your job, or complaining about something which isn’t going the way you wanted it to, is not going to let you sit down and hear from the Lord. Because, your mind and emotions are all caught up in how you are feeling and all the anger stops the voice from reaching your spirit man.

If, you want to hear from the Lord, then you need to have quite time and stop SATAN and his Nose where it goes…..Out into the chapter 13 garbage can. Nothing will work out, if you don’t spend time with The Lord. HE COMES FIRST!

I also, learnt to, that when we complain, God always makes sure we eat our words. And, we learn to not complain, because I know for a fact He does just as He says….and , if I want to hear His awesome Voice then I need to learn how not to complain about everyday life.

Everyone, is always in a hurry to do this or get this done, and make sure this gets ready, etc. It’s not going to work, if you DO NOT SPEND QUIET TIME WITH THE LORD!

Have you noticed when you start out with your day and run errands and all you seem to see is wrecks….why, do you think you see them?

Hurrying effects your Spiritual Life and you wont be able to tell if, God is speaking to you or not. If, you don’t sit and read and pray, and talk to him, then you wont hear what he has to say to you.

Noisy People Don’t hear…from him, they are to to busy to hear they don’t spend time with him, not even 5 minutes, so why should anything go right for them….Hmmmmm, I used to be that way. I was always so so busy, and wanting to get things done, but all I was finding out was it wasn’t working. Because, I did put God first everyday.

Now, sometimes I still do my best to place him before my day, but something always gets there before I can get to the Lord in prayer and bam, oh boy Satan he’s running for the goal, he's sliding in, Oh, no he’s almost there….wrong!

When, we place God before anything else, SATAN is stopped satan fails, he looses his game, oh no he lost his goal….hahahahaha!

God’s Presence….is getting quiet time, make sure He get’s His moments with you…not anyone else. Always, make sure you go into a room, close the door.

I made me a prayer room, when we moved back to Montgomery,Al a good size, one, but I was so caught up in trying to get unpacked and helping members in my family, and forgetting to place God first before my day began,.

Yes, that Ole Satan he made his tracks on my life for over 4 yrs. And all I know is, hardly anything worked out. But, when you place God before anyone or anything you will see those results come to Great Importance and Life through Jesus Christ.




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