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They constantly talked negative and finding fault with God and Moses, wanting to go back to where God moved them from, Egypt  Falling Flat On Our Faces
Numbers 14:5

Moses and Aaron reacted to the Israelites, where they were murmuring and complaining, they feel on their faces. The action they took in falling on one's face is found many times in the Bible. They were showing their humility and seeking God in prayer, if the Israelites would've done that they would've seen a miracle after miracle, but of course they all they wanted to do was gripe, complain and murmur, feeling sorry for themselves.

They constantly talked negative and finding fault with God and Moses, wanting to go back to where God moved them from, Egypt.

When Moses and Aaron fell to their faces, they were demonstrating their reverence to God. They took the only action they knew to do, but not the Israelites.

Joshua and Caleb, wouldn't believe or listen to any type of negative or unbelieving people, it didn't affect them. They stayed faithful and confident they could conquer their enemies.

We nee to do that also, we need to stay positive, faithful and not let other's tear us down or rip us apart. Satan uses people to drain us, keep us in misery, with the negative thoughts and with the negative people. When you come across those who do this, leave them and go pray for them, and when you feel like complaining and griping about something, talk negative, instead just go ahead and shun it right out of your mind, make it get off of you, and start worshipping God, and pray and give Thanks and Honor God.

Fall on your face before God with humility and prayer ---- God will work Miracles on your behalf.

Numbers 20:3-5, the Israelites revealed total lack of trust in God. They were filled with negativity and attitude they decided they were going to fail even before they got started, because the circumstances wasn't perfect like they thought they would be.

They had the wrong way of thinking they showed a bad attitude. Bad attitudes are the fruit of bad thoughts.

So, always have the right way of thinking, the right attitude because God has your back. Ask God to help you and show you a good Attitude, and you can see your circumstances change!!!!!


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