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The Faithfulness Test, Do You Pass

Have you ever wondered if you are faithful enough whether you can be depended on?

There are so many times I have fallen, so many times I have messed up and wanted and have said "forget it" but there is something inside me that keeps tugging at me that makes me keep pressing on, on what I was doing.

God knew Moses was faithful, He knew that Joshua was faithful. God lead, Moses through the wilderness for 40 years. Joshua, known also as a faithful leader because of his past. God, taught him to be faithful over the years and loyalty he served under Moses.

When God chose Joshua to lead Israel, after Moses' death, He knew Joshua would indeed be faithful in his leading. Joshua was a great example of a faithful person in his life, reminds us God's rewards are faithfulness.

God works through our lives with so many things and ways, He works through other people who are faithful and He blesses them, people who are faithful in the wilderness they go through in times of testing as well as in the Promised Land, in times of blessings.

Being Faithful, means: being DEVOTED, SUPPORTIVE, LOYAL!

Faithful people are worthy of trust or belief, they are reliable, consistent, constant, and being steadfast. No matter where God puts them they will stay wherever God places them, and being true to those God has given them to work with.

If, we want to exercise authority, we must learn to come under authority first and stay wherever God had placed us, until He moves us further.

Just as Joshua, we have to respect and be obedient to those in authority over us. We must always do what is right not what is wrong, because right is right, even if we cannot and don't understand the "why" in it, in every situation, which becomes the real test of our faithfulness and of our Obedience!

We must stay faithful and obedient to be able to stay where God had placed us to be and you never know He just may place us into leadership, of an authoritative figure, one we don't like, but things for good always happens.

If, you want to be faithful and be respected and want authority, you have to learn to be reliable and importantly loyal. God really loves to reward those who are faithful to Him!

Are You Being Faithful?

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