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Welcome to " Endurance of Faith"

Trials and proving our Faith brings endurance and steadfastness, patience

 Endurance of Faith
James 1

Trials and proving our Faith brings endurance and steadfastness, patience. One who wavers in faith is like being blown like a billow being surged out at sea blown hither and thither tossed around by the wind.

If, you read James 1:17 you can see a small example of "faith."


1:17-- Every good gift and every perfect free large full gift is from above it comes from Heaven from the Father.

1:19-- (3:6) The tongue is fire---- its full of hate, it can be tamed.

3;14--- If you have bitter jealousy, contention, rivalry, selfishness, selfish ambition in your hearts, do not pride yourself in it and thus be in defiance of and false to the truth.

3:16 --- Wherever there is jealousy, envy, contention rivalry selfish ambition there also will be confusion unrest, disharmony, rebellion all sorts of evil.

Colossians 1:4

Faith is leaning on God, and believing, trusting in Him totally, completely no matter what! It's leaning on the entire human personality of God. Having Confidence, trust in Him, it's believing in His power, His wisdom and His goodness.

When we are believing in God we are giving Him the POWER to work in our lives, if we say we have faith in God, but we say later , "Oh I don't know" or I doubt it, etc. where is your faith at? That is not giving Him nothing to work with to work in your life.

When we tell the Lord "I have Faith in you that you are going to do this or that for me" but then you turn around and talk negative about what you just asked Him to do, or you allow those thoughts to come into your brain and then you start loosing your faith, by listening to what the devil wants you to think.

When we are trusting in the Lord / God to do something in Our lives, we are fully trusting in Him and we are fully believing in Him that He is going to do something, and He is working on it as we say it. It's Him taking away all your fears of worrying, stressing, and that you are wanting something to change, maybe it's being healed or maybe it's someone else being healed.

I have been for many many years been praying for my mother and family to be healed and to this day 2012/2013 I HAVE NOT YET GIVEN UP.... that's working of faith! You TRUST GOD FULLY, WHOLE HEARTEDLY... not just when you feel the mood to...otherwise, He has nothing to work with you on or in you.

He will, rid your life of hurts, bad health, worrying, mistrust, by letting Him take control of your life.

Giving it all to Him, Give it ALL To GOD which releases Faith in HIM to:

1. His Power and His ability to do just what needs to be done.
2. His Wisdom and His Knowledge to do it when it needs to be done.
3. His goodness and His Love to do it the way He needs it to be done.

When we give it all to God we are surrendering everything to Him. We are trusting Him to help us and to bring the impossible to be the POSSIBLE! No matter what it is, God can and will see us through it. Just Believe in HIM, TRUST IN HIM, COUNT ON HIM, DEPEND ON HIM, not man.... because man can and will take from you, (matter of speaking) GOD CAN GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF OUR HEARTS!!!! He knows what we need before we ask it... just believe in Him for it!!!!


Mark 11:22

First thing Jesus tells us to do is to have faith, yes faith. God constantly tells us that, when we say hope so or maybe, I doubt it, or no I will always be this way - is not having faith in Jesus - one thing we do is wrong is putting faith in other things, other than God and this word.

11 Timothy 2:13
It lets us know when we are faithless God He remains faithful.
No one is perfect or has perfect faith. But we are to be always strive to have faith all the time, not just sometimes or when the feelings is right.

Just because God does not work in our time doesn't mean he isn't or he won't. There are times he waits to see if you will be firm in your faith, when we give God our faith he has something to work with. God is and always will be God - He never changes and His word stays the same.

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