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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "Faith / Rock"

Faith Is More Than Believing

"Faith / Rock"

Matthew 16: 17, 18

Jesus talks about a Rock. He is talking about the Rock of faith. He tells Simon Peter that on the faith he has just displayed He will build His Church, and..... the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (KSV)

It means that the powers of hell shall not prevail against the person who walks in faith.

Matthew 16:19
Says we have authority as believers to bring heavens will to earth by acting in the partnership with God. He is in heaven and we are on earth.

Because His Spirit is in us, and because we have His word, we can know that what His word is His will is. We have the authority in earth to bring heaven's will into actions what God binds or looses in heaven - what He allows or disallows - is all that we can allow or disallow here on earth.

Faith  Mark 11:22

First thing Jesus tells us to do is to have faith, yes faith. God constantly tells us that, when we say hope so or maybe, I doubt it, or no I will always be this way - is not having faith in Jesus - one thing we do is wrong is putting faith in other things, other than God and this word.

11 Timothy 2:13
It lets us know when we are faithless God He remains faithful.
No one is perfect or has perfect faith. But we are to be always strive to have faith all the time, not just sometimes or when the feelings is right.

Just because God does not work in our time doesn't mean he isn't or he won't. There are times he waits to see if you will be firm in your faith, when we give God our faith he has something to work with. God is and always will be God - He never changes and His word stays the same.

Continue to Wait In Faith

Genesis 16

Abram and Sarai, get tired of waiting on God to give them a child, so Sari asked her maid servant if she would give her a child through her husband.

Hagar her maid servant agreed, and Hagar did become pregnant with Abram's & Sarai child, and he was call Ishmael as God told Abram & Sarai.

It appeared to Abram and Sarai that God wasn't doing what He promised, so Sarai get tired of waiting in faith.

We all seen to get tired of waiting and we try to hurry God's plan by jumping in before it's time and we always find out we should've continued in faith.

God has plans for our lives, and he will bring them to pass out His perfect timing not our timing. Wait for God, to do His perfect plan don't try try to hurry it up and make misses of things.

Continue Having Faith In God     Don't Rush Him!!!!

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