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Welcome to "How To Please God With Your Eating"


"Health and Physical Being 1""Pleasing God With Your Eating"

Leviticus 11, says eating properly pleases God, when we eat what is good for us which makes us healthy. When we eat things which are no healthy can cause more damage that you can even realize.

God really cares about what we eat and how we consume foods. I got these 10 tips from Joyce Meyers Everyday Living Bible, on our eating habits. God really wants us healthy and fulfilled with energy and looking our very best!

10 Tips To Eating Wisely & Pleasing God

  1. Eat when you are truly hungry, not because there is someone offering you food, or it's just sitting there calling your name.

  2. Listen, carefully to your body, our body let's us know what it needs and wants. If, you are craving vegetables, then eat vegetables, red meat, etc. if you are craving sweets --- Eat in Moderation, never going on high calorie foods, filled with sugar and starches, because starches turn into sugar.

  3. Always enjoy what you are eating.

  4. Always eat sitting down. Many eat standing up and eat more than they actually think.

  5. Never eat rushing and in a hurry always take your time eating, in about 20 minutes your brain gets a signal, letting you know you are full.

  6. Don't never keep eating when you are already full. Take small portions, then plan on another small portion, if you want it. Usually, the first portion is satisfying.

  7. Eat small portions more than larger portions then eating huge meals a day. If, your body cannot metabolize and use it, it turns to fat. Eating small meals helps keep your metabolism working properly. Eat small meals a day or eat fruit, or something healthy between meals, this helps you stay fit and trim.

  8. DO NOT do no eating binges, by keeping your pantry, freezer, refrigerator full of high calorie foods, high fat, low quality foods, that are filled with sugar, etc. You can always get low calorie!

  9. Always stay focused on the things you need to do, keep your mind off the food!

  10. Eat only necessary foods. Everyone consumes foods which are not necessary for our bodies everyday eating high calorie foods or snacks right before a meal, second helpings when you know you don't need it.

It's really awesome how God places everything good for us in His word, so we know how to eat and how to act!






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