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Want To or Don't Want To

"Do You Want To Or Don't"

Exodus 25:1,2 We read about giving from a willing heart. Giving to God should always be willing, and should always be a want to. and we should always give to Him ungrudgingly,willingly, in a happy "YES MOOD."

If, you have the attitude of a "I don't want to, or I don't know if I can, or a I just don't want to give Him anything" you should be so ashamed of yourself."

There are many times in my past, it wasn't a didn't want to, it was a "didn't have it and a didn't know to do it" or my husband saying "don't be giving my money to churches, etc." But, trying to be faithful once I knew we was to be giving to the Lord, I started doing it anyway.

After, I learned about giving to God and other's, I started doing it, even if I did have to do it behind my husband's back, I mean come on already, if a person who needed help and God gave us the means to do it, we as Christians are to help.

I have always had a passion of wanting to be there for other's and try my best to help them out when I could, always willing to make someone happy and get them to smile was one of my passions in my life. I gave more of myself, than anything, but I gave up my being of what I had to give and offer.

The want to's can be, loosing weight, go out to eat etc., go to the store, clean houses, do your job better, etc. But, if you didn't have the want to, you have the "I don't want to's."

There are usually people who actually , blame someone else or something else, because they do not want to admit that they really do not want to do something, but if you chose you would rather go partying, or watch TV, or go to a movie, that's a want to do, etc but it being that you really don't want to have to come up with excuses why you don't that is merely your fault and  noone else's fault but your own.

Giving of your time, should be a want to, because when you give to other's whether it be of material things, money or trying to help them in their life, you are also helping God to help someone else, that should definitely be a want to!

God is entrusted in your time with Him and in your giving! Give Him sometimes, reading of His word, praying, helping someone, seeking Him and what He wants you to do, with the desire and the want to!

Because the "I don't want to" may just be the thing that will be your final words to someone or your thoughts! Remember, God wants to work in your life, He don't have to, But HE wants TO!!!!



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