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Just like God, there are often times God leads us the hard way to do what He wants us to do, to make us stronger in others areas

Is Your Life a Difficult Life?
Exodus 13

Allot of people think when they turn their lives over to God, that it is to hard. Only if you make it hard and allow the devil to help.

As Christians we have an advocate with the Father, and He isn't going to put more on us than we can handle, I used to and I admit I sometimes still do get frustrated because I want so much to do what I feel like the Lord wants me to do but, I usually have so many stop signs, its either the phones, people fussing and arguing in the family or computer issues, software issues, or cant find those perfect graphics, or editing program, or someone is mad at me or I am always sick or something.

The devil has always put something in my path to put me at a holt. Then, I get depressed, tired, worn out, down and out, and trying to hard to get done what I feel the Lord wants me to do, I lack taking proper care of myself, eating right, keeping house etc. Because the devil can and will do his best to get your eyes off Jesus - but, I fight to get done and do what I feel God wants me to do.

There are many times I get so frustrated when the devil throws all this at me to stop me from doing what God wants me to do. I end up getting ill at others, and that's not right, they don't deserve that. So, I have to say I am sorry for doing it, its not like I mean to, or anything because I don't.

Just like God, there are often times God leads us the hard way to do what He wants us to do, to make us stronger in others areas. If, things will easy then we would never learn to lean on him and learn to depend on him.

God led the children of Isreal the long, difficult where he led them through the wilderness to prepare them, for the battles they were going to face in possessing the Promised land. He was concerned that when they saw the emeny they might run back to the land of Eypt, became enslaved again. God wanted to teach them who He was and they can depend on Him to be there and fight their battles for them.

Many think when we enter in the Promised Land we will have no spiritual battles, everything will be peachy king. This is wrong!

After the Israelites crossed Jordan River and possessed the Promised Land, they fought battle after battle. But, they learned to fight to forget in Gods strength and under His direction, they did win their battle.

If, God has told you to do something or feel He has, don't back down, don't let the devil stop you from doing it, because it gets to hard or just hard.

If that was my case many years ago, learning HTML, web design, graphics (psp tubes etc) I would have done gave up, scripting, etc. I started all that on 1997-1998 in HTML and it's changed again so I am back at learning the new costs. It's 2013 I have never been a gives - upper, I have always fought to get something done, it takes a while most of time because the devil and his mess, but I defeat him by keeping on.

Just keep on going to God, he will give you now grace, don't let the devil deprive you of what God has for you by doing things for him.

There are times I want to give up, I even say it out loud, but I never do, there is this tug inside, my stomach and heart that keeps me going. The devil knows if he can put thoughts in your mind for you to give and you allow him to succeed he knows you will, and you will end up miserable human being - tell him to shut up leave you alone in Jesus Name and continue to do and work on what God wants you to do!

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