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Welcome to "Denying Truth Exists"

"Truth Exists"

Truth No Matter The Consequences

by Patricia Burnette (Notes) on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 1:49pm

When you know how you was brought up to know right from wrong When you know your parents taught you the facts that life will give you.

When life is just to hard people can seem to forget that there is something they need to do
Is always be willing to accept the truth no matter the consequences.

We seem to forget what our parent taught us, as we grower older and think we know best
But one seems to forget and leave out, when one Denys the truth they deny Jesus to
Because Jesus is of truth and he is of Love and without Him we wouldn't exist.

I have the most wonderful parents, even though my daddy died a few yrs ago.

I remember all the things they taught me and that I knew the road to go.

But during my life I thought I knew best, but turned out I was wrong and didn't do what all I was taught.

Since I am close to 50 I look back and see, that my parents was right and Jesus can see.

That all the things we do in life, He knows all about it and one day all will be judged
Because not many will see the inside of the Gates Heaven, because they deny was is true.
So, if you want to See Jesus and all your family always seek what's right and you will see!

Just remember, just because you may be grown, does NOT mean you know what you are doing, or you know what's best for you, because we all learn well, by our own mistakes we make. And, thinking we still don't need our parents for advice, and that we don't need God in our lives, you are so truly mistaken.

That Heaven is Closer Now then it ever was to be, always look-up because your redemption Draweth nigh, and when Jesus Comes back to get His own, will you Deny He Exist? So, always remember anything in life you refuse to do right you are also refusing Jesus the one who died for me and you!

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