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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "Delays Are Not Denials"

They Prayed They received God's ApprovalSometimes, when we pray we expect right away answers, and we feel like if we don't get an answer that the Lord Jesus isn't listening to our please. Please read this below, and pray fully you will understand just how this works!

There are many, many times we do not get answers, when we want them...so we feel as if, God isn't listening or don't care.

God, cares and He wants us to have the desires of our hearts, but God's timing is best, not our own. Just because God hasn't given us what we want... doesn't mean He has denied us.

God knows best and He will give us the desires of Our Hearts, but in His timing not our's... so, have Faith Don't Give Up and Give In... keep on Pressing in and Forward!


Sometimes divine delays occur because God has something better in store for you than we prayed , He has something in His mind that is much better than anything we could imagine. I am not going to say you won't have to work at it, and do it the way God wishes for you to, but It will be better than what we asked for.

1 Through Faith, they subdued Kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of the lions, quenched the violence with fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, burned to fight the armies of the lions.

Women received their dead raised to life again.

  • They Prayed

  • They received God's Approval

  • They obtained a good report through faith

  • The world was not worthy of them

Sometimes the answer to prayers are delayed because God want to test your faith to see if you really believe.

2. God, watches mankind, tribes, families, and individuals to see who would seek after Him. As long, as they sought the Lord they prospered. God watched, because He wanted to know who truly trusted in Him, and believed His word. The promises was fulfilled, but it was delayed.

Jesus Himself watches to see who truly believes. Perfect trust involves both obedience and patience. Doing God's word and studying His word brings fruits in our lives. The only thing that can stop God is unbelief. Being Obedient God Works.

Our faith is established on your belief, really believing in the Word of God. You faith is the fruit that God's word produces in your life, when you act on it.

3. First, satan will try to steal God's Word from your heart whenever God is doing something great for you in your life. That is satans nature and his joy. He laughs each time he succeeds, he laughs at you when you fail. But, your faith in God can make you prevail against satan.

Therefore it is necessary for you to hide the word deep in your heart and to water it daily with prayer so that it will grow strong within you.

4. Afflictions: anything that burdens the spirit or offends the spirit.) The persecution prevents the word from being fruitful in some lives. Some people take offense at practically everything, no matter how little it may be.

5. Persecution: Anytime God is working, satan does not like it and he will try to stop it. Besides, the BIBLE says that: those who live Godly will suffer persecution. You can worry to much about making a living, feeding your family, clothing your children, and educating them.
You can actually become so busy that you lock, God and His word out of your life. And there goes your faith, because it is no longer has a foundation.

6. Deceitfulness : Having to many riches will also choke out the word of God, and stop the answers to your prayers.

"What does that mean?"

It simply means this: you are trusting your money more than you are trusting God.

"Does this mean you can't have money?"

No, it means you first put your trust in GOD, and then you trust God with your money.

That's what tithing, giving offerings, and paying on vows you have made to God. It, demonstrates that you are trusting GOD with your money. And, believe me GOD watches to see what you do with your money and whether or not you trust Him with it.

Jesus, also said, that the lust for other things will choke out with the word.

You want other things, like : houses, cars, yachts, relationships, educations, prestige, positions, sales, and so much more, then you actually want God in your life.

He said, that you could have those things, if you seek Him first. God has to be number one in your life. TOTALLY, COMPLETELY!

If He is not then those other things will choke out the word and it will not produce faith.

7. Faith, is useless if it is not founded on the word of God. Outside of what is written in the word, man cannot figure out the ways that God chooses to deal with mankind.
For starters , He chose faith the size of a mustard seed, to do mighty things, like moving mountains.

But, you can always trust the Lord and he led by His spirit. "For as many are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God!"

Sometimes divine delays occur because God has something alot better planned-- not just temporal, but something eternal.

"He said, "I am the resurrection, and the life: He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."

He had, a miracle of resurrection for Lazarus.

There's something better than physical / mental healing --- a new house, a new car. Anything God has planned for your life is definitely allot better than your dearest dreams. When your prayers are not answered immediately, start shouting because God has something better coming for you.

Sometimes people miss God's best --because they settle for the second best. They get into the flesh and become impatient, like Abraham did. Or, they give up, like Peter did.

He became afraid and gave up -- went back where he started from. Becoming, impatient and quit waiting on God. He did not stand steadfast and wait to see the Glory of God our Lord. He did not use corresponding action of faith, he used his self will.

Delay is Not DENIED

Don't Miss God. If you are not getting immediate answers to your prayers, don't put yourself down and say : that you don't have faith, that God is not hearing your prayers.

He maybe delaying the answer, awhile so that He can give you something, a whole lot better.
Don't kick your prayer seed out of the ground. Just listen closely to Him and be willing to do whatever He tells you to do.

Sometimes, your answers may not arrive on the first or the second day. God has His reasons, and the seasons for answering some prayers, and I have learned that you can always trust Him to perform, His promises at the proper time.

So, whatever you do, "DON'T GIVE UP!"

Stay in faith, when in the natural it looks like god is not hearing your prayers, that He does not care, about your dreams, you are wrong, you have to stand on THE WORD of GOD and learn to wait for His timing, His promises are sure and will never fail you.

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