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 Welcome to "Dear Friend"

Dear Friend

Your a true friend, that I want you to know 
our love for each other has helped us grow 
we've been through some tough times 
but we've made it through 
cause the only one I trusted was you

You've helped me through the saddens 
and dried all my tears 
you stayed by my side 
when the world turned away 
you helped me see the joy 
when the skies were all gray

you were the rainbow at the end of the storm 
you helped me be deferent 
when I shouldn't conform

you held my hand when you knew I would fall 
every laugh and heart ache 
you were through it all

I know I'm not always the best friend to you 
I know I'm not perfect but this much is true

When life gets you down 
and there's nowhere to turn

I'll help you out, I'll share your concern
I'll do my best to try to return every favor 
when you think you'll drown

I'll be your life savor 
even if we both go down 
I'll pull us out when life pulls us under 
I'll be the sun when there's 
lightning and thunder

and when it's all over 
and we've fought ever war 
there's one thing I promise 
of this I'm sure

when the time comes 
And we're put down to rest 
I want you to know 
My friend you're the best




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