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 Welcome to "Conviction or Condemnation"

God never makes us feel bad or unworthy. God doesn't do that to us"Here's The Differences Between the Two"

Sometimes when we do things which we know is wrong, we feel every time we turn around we just can't get out of the kind of rut we are in.

God never makes us feel bad or unworthy. God doesn't do that to us.

Truly godly conviction is a positive thing that actually moves us into a new level of holiness.

If, you sense God speaking to you about something in your behavior, how can you know -- and discern it, that it is God? You will know because God won't shame you, and make you feel worthless or useless. He will motivate you and empower you to want to change.

Condemnation, is from the devil, he presses us down, makes us depressed, he tears our hearts apart and our minds up so we can't see straight, he constantly kills our ego's to be a better person and he wants to torment us to keep our eyes off the Lord Jesus Christ, also our minds gets so cluttered with what the devil wants that we cannot see above water, our hearts seem to fail in ways that we wonder what has happened to us, because we try so hard not to let the devil win on our lives.


Conviction--- Makes us aware of the problem we have and lives us out.

Condemnation ----- Makes us feel guilty all the time, depressed, and keeps us down.



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