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The Complete Sacrifice Jesus WasThe Complete Sacrifice Jesus Was

Isaiah 53:10


Sometimes, we wonder just how people look at the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us. Some people do not believe there even was a Jesus, some actually think He is a fairy tale of some sort. Some, think He is science fiction, what they need to know is “JESUS IS REAL, JESUS IS ALIVE, JESUS DOES EXIST AND JESUS WAS OUR SACRIFICE FOR OUR SINS, OUR HEALTH EVERYTHING.”

Jesus, himself His whole being, entire self, not His personal soul only. It took His whole Body, His Soul, and His Spirit to make the complete sacrifice and offering for sin and sickness.

Jesus, was literally tortured, He was beaten so badly, and people want to say that there is no "Jesus" or they claim someone else is Jesus. If, you would read and study upon Jesus' life, you would find out what all Jesus Sacrificed for YOU!

He was a Complete Substitute for man. Since the body, soul and spirit of a man had sinned and were under the sentence of death.

It took the whole being of the “Messiah” to take a man’s place. The word ‘Soul” is sometimes used of an individual. Genesis 12:5, 41:26

There is no such thing as sinning with the flesh and not with the soul and spirit, as taught by some. The Flesh cannot be filthy and the soul and spirit be Holy.

The Body becomes sinful, depraved and diseased by sin in the fall, and the Body must be redeemed from these things of redemption is to be complete.




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