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Always Give the devil the biggest black eye ever and kick him in his knees with God’s promises and he will end up leaving you be! AmenAre You In Burnout Mode?

Have you noticed when you are excited about something and you are just besides yourself and wish this emotional high could last forever?

I know I have been there several times, but after quite awhile that high comes down to reality check and it sets itself in. I have always been this person of bounce back. But, the past few years I’ve been in burn out mode, I mean really I have.

On top of everything else and all I have to do, and all my responsibilities and all I am to try to do and be for myself it quit happening, and other’s just demanding more of my time than I could give and when I did give them more time than for myself or for my husband all trouble would break loose and everything sure would get all out of sorts.

It’s like a never ending “Burnout Scenario” yep, that’s right the burnout scenario has begun and has began to stay in mode even though I do my best to put my foot down and say “Enough is Enough” but does that work, did it?

Nope! Plain and simple! I am still so worn out and I have quit worrying about me and always worried about other’s no matter what it has taken from me personally or emotionally or spiritually because of the demands of the family and those who just love to keep something started and going all the time.

All I could think about was all I had to get done and needed to get done, was so worn out , so tired when I prayed I’d end up falling asleep before I could even get through, or so much on my mind everything just going thousand of miles through my brain that kept me up all night or, my mind was just so much on everything that has been going on and had been, I would start to pray and all this goes through it, just so worn out, and stressed out.

Been always sick all the time, always sick with something, then when I get better I am fighting and playing catch up. Then it takes me awhile to get back on my emotional high again, and get busy, and or something is always stopping me there…. And I would tell myself “ Yes, I feel good today, I have energy, I have a want to get things done today, my time with the Lord, the bible, clean my house, wash clothes etc."

Boom, my emotional high went berserk, and everything once again, falls apart.

Being in burnout mode surely is not healthy I am here to tell you it isn’t and it really plays an heavy toll on your body and mind and your spirit. Still to this day, I am fighting to get back into how I was and used to be. We can only be on an emotional High for so long, but we do have help to get us back up and going again.

But the devil as you have read he is always lurking around the bend and the bushes and he’s going to try and do what all he can to detour you into another direction, and if it wasn’t for me reading Joyce Meyers Bible, and understanding how she explains things in her bible it sure has helped realize things in my life which I have been going through and didn’t even know it, and didn’t know how to apply it to my life, but now I do!

The devil is on the look out for weaknesses in our bodies, but it is our job, to give him a big slap across his face and a kick in his knees and send him on his way….

He will always do his best to stick his big over grown nose in to make sure he keeps you off track and loose your emotional high, but it is up to us to…. I get sick way to much, and get way to overwhelmed with the way to much during the day where it stops me from working on this website. He always, causes people to start trouble, and bring you way down, the list can go on and on.

When we get like Elijah did, we need to go to to God and get Him to Intervene and give us strength to help us through ––– because we are nothing without Him. And we cannot do anything without Him!

We must use our Wisdom he gave us, and ask for His Divine Intervention and to always trust in Him, to give us that strength and His will Power to do what He wants us to do….. I know there are allot of and’s but it’s true!

Always Give the devil the biggest black eye ever and kick him in his knees with God’s promises and he will end up leaving you be! Amen!!

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