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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

 Welcome to "Joyce Meyer's Bible On Faith"

Faithful people are worthy of trust or belief, they are reliable, consistent, constant, and being steadfast

Joyce Meyer's Bible On Faith!!!

Luke 5:4 : Says We need to stand firm in our Faith, doing what we feel God wants us to do, not the devil. The devil don't want us to do the right things, the loving things which God wants us to do and the way we need to act, Our Faith is an important thing which God is pleased with us in.

The devil is always putting things in our way to stop us from running and standing in Our Faith. We need to put more faith in God, not in ourselves and what we want to do or the things we think we know better in, Only GOD does. Because we will always fall short of His Grace and we all fall flat on our faces so to speak without Him.

We should always want to do God's will whether we are afraid or whether anyone else thinks we should or not. We always, think we know better than God does, but we do not know better.

Don't let satan steal what God has for you, do the things you know or feel, God wants you to do and what He wants and Has for you. We must obey God in all things not pick and choose because we allow the devil to make us afraid or he causes us to have something better to do.

Trust in God, KEEP FAITH!!!

Joyce Meyer says, "Step Out and Find Out!"

As busy as Jesus was, he took time to step away and pray and spend time with His Father, as we need to and should do on a daily basis. And, even throughout the day. Luke 5:15.16



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