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First Samuel, if we read through it, teaches us about “Rebellion” did you know that being “rebellious is a sin” it’s a form of “witchcraft” yes. Are You Breaking The Curse of Abuse & Rebellion
1 Samuel

First Samuel, if we read through it, teaches us about “Rebellion” did you know that being “rebellious is a sin” it’s a form of “witchcraft” yes.

Actually, this goes back towards my past where, I was abused, I was beaten many times, I had a husband which planned for me to be raped right after I had our baby, I had a husband which all the time had parties in our apartment while I was in the hospital having our baby, he set up for me to get raped by a black guy, all I can remember his name was “willie”, and I was left without food, utilities, we never had anything like normal families had.

Everytime, I turned around he was beating me, leaving me, cheated on me, lying to me, I got called a slut, because I was so happy to see him when he got off work, and ran out to the truck to meet him. I was always being abused in some fashion by him and it didn’t matter how it hurt me, he still did it.

No matter if I left or not, he would find me, and I would end up going back to him because I believed in him when he told me, he would change, and it wouldn’t happen anymore. But, it always did, so I finally got rid of him and the “sunshine center” helped me. It wasn’t easy, but prior to this my baby ended up dying in his crib, because he was born to soon, because he forced me to drink castor oil everyday and walk up and down 26 stairs and up and down sidewalks and little hills, and back.

I didn’t have any food which amounted to anything, I ate mostly those little morsel that came in the Martha White muffin mixes, that was food to me, because we hardly ever had anything to eat.

My baby “Jonathan Clement Reed JR.” Died when he was to be born. Then, I finally divorced him and was rid of him, I met this other guy, which I truly loved and I adored him, his name was James Burt, we called him Jimmy but after awhile he ended up abusing me as well.

He also, allowed others to lie on me and say mean things about me and he kicked me in my ribs and shook my son Brandon when he was little, he cheated on me with a retarded girl in my house, and he knew better than to believe in the lies, so we ended up getting divorced.

There was another relationship between but there is no reason for me to mention that, except he wouldn’t and refused to work and grow up.

Through the years in between I was sexually abused and raped, and God saved me from those ordeals.

I then through my sister, met a man in which after what I seen him doing I couldn’t stand him at all at first, because of all I was seeing and told about him, I refused to date him even though he kept asking and asking, I finally got tired of him asking ,so I agreed to go out with him, with my sister and his brother.

And, that’s when I found out he wasn’t nothing like I was being told, he just wanted someone to treat him right and love him like he was to be loved and visa versa.

To this day we are still together and have been since 25 yrs and we are working on 26 years. He’s a wonderful man he is stern because of all the hurt and abuse I have been through and he knows that I have been really done pretty bad, so he’s really protective of me.

We have been through some bad times, but he has never ever cursed me, never has he hit me, and called me names or left me to starve or anything. I have more than enough, he has made sure I have everything and even more than I need. He’s God given to me, and I thank God all the time for him.

I am telling you these small stories, because in 1 Samuel 15 through all the abuse I have been through and all the hurt I have experienced in my life, my husband now back then we just clicked, but I was rebelling because this girl just knew she knew what was good for her.... NOT! But.....God did, He knew all that I was going through I had to then to get me to the path He wanted me to be on.

I had to make my mind up and make a vow to myself, that no one, I mean no one will ever ever abuse me ever again, and if they ever did I would make sure they was going to be 10 feet under a jail house, I was done, God never intended for His children to be abused, and mistreated and raped and beaten. They will go to jail, directly to jail and they will not pass go for a very long time.

I was abused, manipulated, lied to lied on, cheated on, beaten, starved and I refused to go through this kind of treatment ever again.

Even, though my husband now, and I went through so many trials and tests, we have made it without all the abused being done to me, we have a loving relationship and marriage, we do not fuss and fight, we do not call each other names, and we do not treat each other in any hateful or hurtful manner.

We feel, God put us together for a reason and I know He placed my husband Joseph O Burnette Sr in my life because He knew all I wanted to was to be happy and truly loved, even though I had a hard time to begin with, God knew I was searching for someone who truly wanted me for me and truly loved me for me, and not in a sexual way, or to abuse me.

God, helped me, He has helped me in so many ways, and if He wasn’t there for me, hard telling where I’d be at today. God has my back and He always has, I just had to let Him take control of my life and He had to find the right person for me, and God gave me him. God knows, I had a rough and hard time in my life and I still do, but only being done wrong by other’s and treated like I don’t matter.

The person's who abused me, the one who tore me from limb to limb in my heart, body and mind is gone out of my life and I am going for what God has for me and had meant for me, the whole time I have been ruining my life– by my past and allowing it to build hurt and rage insider I was putting myself through! Say it, and believe it and trust in it, because GOD HAS BETTER FOR YOU!

We all need to depend on God, because even though it may seem a lifetime of waiting while we make the stupid decisions we make we always learn from them , and He is still working behind the scenes we just have to wait and depend on Him, because God will make our hurts and abuse come out to good, somewhere in our lives.

God knows all we go through, and He knows what we need better than ourselves and I am here to tell you that GOD IS ABLE, we can get through anything if, we just depend on God to help us through.

We all have to make up our minds “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”, I’m done, no more will I be abused, No one will do this way again, my wall on abused is up and has been up for many years. I’m not saying you won’t get hurt about something someone does to you, because you will, just go ahead and forgive and ask God to help you.

We all will have hurts and trials we go through, it’s only to make us stronger in that area of our lives, it’s not punishment or anything else, we all have to learn and to learn we have to go through certain things in order to bring us up to the next level God wants us at.

God does, give us COMMON SENSE and He gives is the will and the mind to say NO! NO MORE!

The abuse has to stop ,make up your mind, you will NOT and are NOT taking no more –– this is it, you’re done and tell the devil where he can get off at, because he works through other people to try to bring you down to his level and it’s up to us to say “NO NO NO NO”

This is not the life God wanted us to have, and we have to say “We’RE DONE!” It’s over with, God has something better for me and devil it’s sure isn’t you.


None of us has to be like Saul, we can choose to follow God, and His way or we can keep living like Saul, and overly following your feelings and emotions, keeping on living the way you are now or have been.

The Curse that has been over you –– DECLARE IT AND DECREE IT, that all the abuse ends here and now, Choose God’s way His plan because He will take care of you , He did me and He made sure I was taken care of and I was given someone who truly loves me.

We have to apply the “Victory of Jesus” won on the Cross to our lives and watch Him work in our lives, if we don’t then we will end up like Saul, and we will sink into further curses and dismay!

God does have a Plan for you –– you just have to want it bad enough! Do You, Will You!

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