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What are your Boundaries, have you made any, do you have those in your life that treat you unfairlyBoundaries of a Christian
Joshua 17

Once the Israelites crossed into the possessed land, they really got involved in setting and making their boundaries.

Just as a normal Christian we all should make our boundaries in our living, balancing them out, once a person get's burnt --- out , and I sure know what that is like.

So, busy doing for other's, doing things a wife should be doing, trying to do and be what the Lord wants me to be and to do, and the things I enjoy, I hardly ever took time for me. I was always sick in body as I am right this minute, but I am trying to do what I should be doing, I am tired and worn out and finally almost a year ago or more, I had to finally make myself put my foot down --- tell everyone enough is enough, I've had it, I'm done!

I'm not going to listen to no more fussing and arguing, I will ignore any calls to my cell for anyone who wishes to fuss, argue, curse, scream and holler, I am not going to spend my time listening to any-more. I am going to spend my time in my prayer room, praying and reading my Bible, then I will answer calls.

We all have to make some changes in our lives, to help us be a better person, setting boundaries so we can live a joyous life, and peaceful life.

It's hard, but easy to make a fix, if we put our minds and hearts into it. There is noone of us, not even the ones called by God, can break any natural laws, without paying the penalties. Even, if we work for God, we can't live without limits.

We all have to take care of ourselves in a mental and physical, emotionally areas. Doing the things you wish to do for yourself, while doing for others is not wrong.

Ask God to help you and to show you where you need to improve!
Stay in Balance and Set Your Boundaries, and we will be able to run our race well and cross the finish line!





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