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40 Things We Must Do Blame, Disgrace, Shame and Reproach
Joshua 5:2-7

Tells us Joshua was leading the Israelites into the Promised Land, and they needed to be circumcised before they would be ready to conquer and before they can occupy their city Jericho. After the men was circumcised the Lord told Joshua that he had "rolled away" the reproach of Egypt from His people.

Now they will be ready to overcome and capture Jericho. Joshua 6

Exactly why was the reproach lifted, what is the meaning of reproach?

Reproach --- means "blame, disgrace, or shame." God told Joshua He was going to "roll away" the reproach of Egypt from the Israelites. He was making a very strong point. Egypt represents the world.

After a few years of being in the world and becoming worldly, we all need thus world's reproach to be lifted - to be rolled away.

Are you living with "REPROACH" the blame, the disgrace, and the shame of your past, from things you have done?

Remember in my other articles, I have written about how I have felt all these years about my past? To this day, so many people are being pulled down in blame, disgrace, and shame because the devil don't want them to come out from the reproach.

I will admit and I continue to ask God each and everyday to help me and to be a better person, I still feel as if, I'm not forgive for all I have done in my past, but I know I am, because the devil keeps trying to bring me down and make me feel like I am not forgiven but I know I am. I end up finding myself, still asking God to forgive me for all the bad things I have done and have said, in my past that sometimes I have a hard time forgiving myself for, but I do know without a doubt that GOD HAS FORGIVEN ME!

The devil don't want us to have freedom from our past sins, he wants us to sit in them making us feel and believe we are no good and unworthy of being forgiven.

I'm asking God right now, In Jesus' Name to have mercy on all of us, who are dealing with the awful reproach and I ask the Lord Jesus to fill us up with Peace and Victory and Joy to overcome the sins in our lives we've committed in Jesus Name Amen Amen

God has the Ultimate Power and Grace and He gives it to us freely, it's a gift from Hum to us, to help us do with ease what we surely are unable to do on our own. God wants so much to give us Grace and the devil however, wants to give us disgrace and pain of shame.

Disgrace, is another form of "reproach" God's action is to "roll away" our reproach, by us receiving the powerful forgiveness, that He has to offer us for all of our past sins!

people feel like they have self-hatred, rejections and the refusal to accept the forgiveness of God, but not for giving themselves for their sins. They are not really understanding the righteousness through the Blood Of Jesus, and with any related problems will keep you wandering in the wilderness, we've talked about previously.

Our minds have to be renewed concerning the right standing we have with God through Jesus Christ, not through our own way and own works.

We can never deserve God's blessings, being worthy of them. We can only Humble ourselves and accept them with much appreciation and concentrating on how wonderful God is, because He loves us so Much!

The Bible states we are God's joint heir with Jesus Christ. Romans 8:17 He earned your blessings by carrying your reproach to the cross. Let God remove and take away your "reproach" from you.

God wants us to experience the freedom from the shame that Jesus wants to Give you!

The children of Israel had to fight their way into the Promised Land. Remember God goes before you, He fights for you, He's always standing and He is the one to give you Victory.

Stand your ground, stand firm and accept God's Help by removing the "reproach" in your life!

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