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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "Being Blessed God's Gift"

Blessed are the poor in spirit

"What Does Blessed Mean"

If, we keep God's Commandments and do as He had meant for us to do and be, we could constantly see God's blessings in our lives.

Blessed: Means you will be happy and spiritually prosperous with life, joy and satisfaction in God's favor and salvation, no matter if the outward conditions.

For, so many have lost their sight of God's precious love and His gifts and blessings, they fall down and decide to just keep living the way they are and they have forgotten who they are in Christ Jesus.

People who live day by day, doing as they please and sin and do not acknowledge that God see and listen's to all we do and say --- and they don't care because they are missing out on blessings which God so much wants to give them, but they are to wrapped up in themselves, they wonder why isn't anything working out for me?

Because, you have forgotten who the main source, the provider, your redeemer is in times of trouble, you have forgotten that God loves you and as long as you keep your eyes off Him, the blessings He so much wants to give you will be delayed.

That, is one thing this world has forgotten and they wonder why things are getting worse!

Never miss your chance to receive God's blessings, all you have to do is repent of ALL your sins, and depend on, rely on, adhere to, trust in, count on, believe in, hold on to, is GOD, His Word and His strength.... He will for your life!

God has a condition to receive blessings, He does not expect you to be perfect, but He does need you to be aggressively attempting to do what God has instructed you to do, to walk in His statues and Keep His Own Commandments! Leviticus 26:3







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