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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

 Welcome to "Anything Is Possible With God"

God can do anything and everything He wants to do, there is no questions to be asked about it"No Matter What God Can Do It"

In Matthew 19:26, Chapter 20

There are so many people to this day, do not want to believe that God can do anything and everything. It is a shame because they are missing out on something so Grand.

God can do anything and everything He wants to do, there is no questions to be asked about it. It is awesome to know we have a "Father God" who can do it all, I mean all of it, no matter what the request is, God can Do It! God, is always there for us no matter what, no matter what time it is, or day, month or year, He is there, He is never to busy for us!

We can count on Him in any circumstances we have in our lives, He is there wanting to help us, and take care of us that we encounter. He's constantly waiting on us, to Call His Name, and let Him know what we need!

He's a God of the pleasing, mercy, giving, loving, merciful, graceful compassionate person anyone can ever want to meet and know.

There are times when the devil is always fighting me to get something done, whether it be to do something which I feel so important, like this website for instance, he always has to push his big nose in and try to do all he can to stop me from accomplishing what GOD I feel wants me to do.

I keep fighting back and because I know God is in most of what I do, I do my best to make Him the center of all I do and desire to do. There are so many times, I want to just throw these hands up in the air and say "I QUIT" but I can't, even though I have had my share of computer problems, printer issues, internet issues, software issues, hard drive issues, God has always made a way for me to get the hardware or software I needed to accomplish all I am doing to try to help people through this website!

Because, I know if God brings me to it, He sure will bring me through it! The frustrations are just that frustrations, the devil doesn't want anyone to do what God wants them to to do, and He sure does not want them to be a success..... but I am Through Christ Jesus!

I depend on God, I know whether I can do it or not. God can handle anything and He sure can help me along my way to get it done! No matter what I have had to go through, I can build my faith up in knowing God will make a way, because My God is GREAT!

God is a God of all kinds of possibilities, and He does the Impossible, which no man can ever dream about doing. I hear many people say and tell me, I can make this happen, I can do this, I can push this person down with one finger, I can go here and make this happens etc. but can you really?

Only, God has that advantage not us, God can put someone down faster than anyone can ever think about, He has The POWER.... and only Him! But, what they are not realizing is, boastfulness is a sin, and God does not like that at all. Unless, you have the Power of God, then your boastfulness and misconception of what you can do is all in vain, and useless, you cannot do anything without God, it's plain and simple...... WITHOUT GOD WE ARE NOTHING.... WITH GOD WE ARE SOMETHING IN HIM ONLY!

God can take a cold-hearted person, a hardhearted person, sinful, hateful, bitter, liar, envying people and change them in a minute into the most wonderful human beings.

In God we can do anything and everything, and God can do it all. Just believe, trust in Him, Love Him, Seek Him, Count on Him.

God can fix anything, in any conditions, in any marriage under His laws, He can do whatever we need Him to do. There is nothing impossible for Him, nothing! Just keep praying and believing, and trust Him, Keep in Faith!

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