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Welcome to "Adam Disobeyed God"

When He created man, He said, it was good. That's like He created man, which became He created each of us"Disobeying God Adam Did"

In Genesis Chapter 3:1-6

Adam did what God plainly told him not to do, and Adam ended up becoming captive of satan, which led him into disobeying God's word.

When he listened to God's word, satan had to stick his over grown nose in and mess things up and lure Adam to go against God' Word, and what God had told Adam not to do.

Adam listened to satan, not to God like he should have done. Adam was so deceived that he fell into the trap of satan and all his deceiving ways, he surrendered to satan and that was the biggest mistake Adam could've done. The authority that God gave Adam to rule the earth he also surrendered when he didn't listen to God, which God give to him to rule over the earth and man.

When God is telling us something to do, let's listen because if we don't the consequences will be dreadful and we will live in misery because of not listening. Make sure you are hearing the Voice of God, because God will not mislead you, but the devil will. Obey God's word and the Bible will come to life in you, Listen to God and pray to Him ask Him to help you along your way!

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