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 Welcome to "Your Life Does Matter To God "

When God created us, He created perfection, He was very precise in how He wanted us to be, how we look, how we thinkYour Life Does Matter To God

1 Kings 6:14, 7:51


With everything happening around us, things which do really concern us, things like rise in cost for food, gas, utilities ,clothing, having to have insurance for everything and pay this and pay for that, people loosing homes, transportation, jobs, loosing family members to death , divorces, etc. we often wonder doesn’t God care about what we are going through why isn’t he helping and doing something.

Let, me say this God does care and He is concerned about your life, your whole life. He is concerned about all the things you are concerned about!

God is God, He’s a God of Honor, He is a God of Love, life, He is filled with mercy and grace and divine Favor. God gave us precise instructions for our life, just as He did for the construction of the temple. Everything concerns God, from the time you were born from your mother’s womb, to this very day in your life.

When God created us, He created perfection, He was very precise in how He wanted us to be, how we look, how we think. Just like the temple, He was precise in the perfection of the building of the temple. We as the temple was built in excellence. 1 Kings 6:18-21

We, His people are His house, the very place where He lives and He who reveals Himself. The modern day believers need to be aware and be forth coming to know to follow the Old Testament with the temple and provide excellence to those around us and across the globe.

Because, God cares how we think and do things, He cares about what we go through. Without His perfection and His excellence in creating us, we can know God does care what is going on with us, just as He was with the perfection of His Temple.

So, never wonder if God is concerned, because He is, train your thoughts to know He does, never allow the devil to put thoughts into your mind, this can deceive you terribly.

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