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You Fear God or Fear PeopleDo You Fear God or Fear People

2 Samuel 23:3


There are so many times I allowed those in my family especially tear me down, they were always causing so much dismay and trouble. Always, fussing, arguing and always placing me right smack in the middle of things. If, this person was upset at this person, guess who they called, if someone made them mad, guess who was called.

I was always right there being placed in between all of it. Now, if I was not able to do what they wanted me to and when and how, wow oh boy, I was gotten mad at. And, guess who would’ve give in because, I hate trouble, I hate the fussing and the arguing, I can’t stand it, never have and never will.

And, so I am guilty of this because I was trying to keep peace and following and trying to keep the family together. To this day after all the years I’ve fought, cried, said my peace, home business failed it went down the drain I worked so hard to keep going and keep them where I got them, they still can’t stand this person or that person, this one don’t want to be near that one, everytime I turned around all my efforts are still trying to bring the family back together.

But, I just thought of something to, it’s funny how since I lost my home based businesses, and limited financially in some areas, hmmmm where is everyone??

I thought through all my efforts of trying and believing in my heart that all this I was going through was what I was to be doing and going through…. But, in true reality was I fearing God in this or was I fearing my family and the trouble they could’ve caused??

David, he understood an essential of being a leader as in 2 Samuel 23:3. Anyone who wants to lead must fear the Lord. This is not fear, like we would fear if someone was trying to hurt us physically, this is (reverential) that causes us to bow in the Lord’s presence, before Him and saying “ My God there is none like you, whom shall I fear? If, you are for me, what can man do to me?”

Paul in Galatians 1:10, “Now I am trying to win the favor of me, or of God? Do I seek to please me? If, I were still seeking popularity with me, I should not be a bond servant for Christ? 

Like, the devil as I always say, he has to stick his big fat pig headed nose in and cause so much havoc and mess with everything and everybody. He is always trying to mess everyone up, and tear their dreams and desires apart. 

I have learned so many things so the hard way, many just by reading, watching Christian TV, etc. And, if we want to do the will of God, then people who are demanding in our lives are just going to either behave and stand on the side lines.

Because, no one can take the blame for not doing all you can do to, do God’s will, but you! 

So, question….. Are you fearing God, or are you fearing men, (family, friends, etc.) 

If, you are fearing men, do a reality check, and tell those that you are spending time with the Lord  and then you will be available!

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