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Across the world so many nonĖ believers, despise us, did you actually know that? Did, you know that they canít stand us, because of what and whom we believe in?Are You Despising Believers?

1 Kings 18:41

Across the world so many nonĖ believers, despise us, did you actually know that? Did, you know that they canít stand us, because of what and whom we believe in?

They donít want anything to do with the believers of Christ. They turn their heads away, stick their noses in the air and mock us, talk bad about us. Some even call us names. If, you read 1 Kings 18:44 you will see that Elijah was hated to, he was despised by Ahab and Jezebel.

Because Ahab and Jezebel was bad people, they were evil, God always has ways to get our attention and He was very displeased with Ahab and Jezebel. God, had brought famine and drought in Israel to show them His power.

That they needed to make serious changes in their lives, they were wicked and God was proving to them that He has full power over everything.

God, put three years of famine and drought upon Israel because of Ahab and Jezebelís evilness, He was trying to give them a chance to change their ways, but yes they had refused to change, so God sent Elijah the prophet to tell Ahab that it was going to rain.

Elijah told Ahab that he was ďhearing abundance of rainĒ He even told him to get ready because there was going to be down pours.

As, you read Ahab and Jezebel couldnít stand, Elijah at all, because He was a true Prophet of God. People in this age in time are the same way. They canít stand the righteous people of God.

They hate us, but it seems since the evil and wicked people around the world are not repenting and listening they will see Godís down pours of fire and punishment when He returns.

People hate followers of Christ, because we represent Him, all Elijah did was to show up, and was sending Ahab a message and Ahab went raging. Ahab wanted the rain, but he did not want Elijah to be right about it.

If, you want the good rain then you must repent of your wicked ways, but if you do not then you will end up with bad rains in your life.

Now, let me clear something up, we are NOT just talking about the actual pouring rain. We are talking about the blessings of God, and also what the circumstances are if we donít fly right. Elijah heard, about the rain through his spirit, not through his natural ability.

He was listening to God and His voice, he believed in God, he trusted in God, and he was smart, he acted before it happened.

If, we all would do this we can be prepared even though Christians are hated it, is still our job to warn them about things that will happen if they refuse to repent of their wickedness.

So, letís help those who are living wickedly and warn them of what is to come before its to late!

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