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 Welcome to "Wrestling Matches "

You cannot serve two masters, because when you try everything will be harder and get harder with more frustrations, more upsets, more disappointments

Wrestling Matches
Deuteronomy 2:3, 5:16

I see and hear people all the time, saying; awww I can live this way and it will be ok, God understands, He will forgive me, or one an all time reason, I believe in God and I am trying , but I don't care what people think of me, I do know that some even, throughout certain people who, trusted God and they still want to do their own thing, they want to live in sin, fornication, lies, live around evil people, curse, use people, think of themselves, etc and honestly think God approves.

This is definitely the wrong route and the wrong way of thinking. They are so deceived by the thoughts that the "EVIL MASTER" puts in their brains that even though they lie, steal, fornicate and drink to the point they are drunk and they can just do whatever they please and think that they will get to see Jesus, and serve Him to on top of the things they do that the devil want's them to do, or put thoughts in their minds.

You cannot serve two masters, because when you try everything will be harder and get harder with more frustrations, more upsets, more disappointments.

We must serve GOD, and desire to live His ways, not like the heathens.

God's plans for our lives are so much better, He has had plans for our life even before we were conceived.

Anyone can avoid wrestling with their lives, if they would just let God handle their lives. Stop having wrestling matches with Him. Having wisdom to tell us to let God do with us what He wants, when He wants, and how He wants.

This is so, we don't waste time going through all the hoops trying to figure out which one is the right hoop for us to get the answer from.

The Israelites did, they were going in circles. Before I got closer to God, I found myself going through circles, hoops and bounds trying to figure out what I am to be doing, and where I am to be, how I am to be acting. Because I found myself making the wrong choices in my life, I was always making the wrong decision and messing up, because I thought I knew what was best for me, hey it was my life right?

Wrong! That's not the right decision.... My Life was God's Life, yes, we all make mistakes, we all loose our way somehow or the other, and we all wrestle with things all through our lives, trying to do the right things, trying to please everyone, trying to make sure I do things on our own, taking care of ourselves without anyone's help.

I had to come to my own grips, because I did make the wrong decisions and some even almost got me killed, all because I wanted, was to have a happy life, have some children and awesome husband and have a happy life, watch my kids grow up and watch my grandkids grow and spoil them, and live a life that was meant for me to have.

But, without letting God take control of my life, was the biggest greatest mistake I could've ever made, because by leaving Him out I sure have had a hard life, decisions I had to make to protect my child from getting abused like I was and not knowing where our next meal was coming from, I had to make that choice I never wanted to make.

The choices we make, plays an important role in our lives and without God taking control we are useless, we are nothing compared to what we become when we let God take control, so we can stop the wrestling matches we have with our lives, trying to do the right things and trying to make those touch decisions we have to make.

But, God did bless me even through all my trials, and all the mistakes I have made in my life! I have 2 awesome children, even though one passed when he was 1 1/2 month old I still claim him being alive, they are a huge part of my world, I have a wonderful husband, who accepts me for what I am and what I believe in, we have been together and married now for a little over 25 yrs. I have nice place to live, nice car, blessed with a husband that loves to work and loves me. There is so many things I have been blessed with!

If, we would let God into our hearts, our marriages, our families, we could stop wrestling with the wrong things in our lives, I was lost but I was found, God stayed with me even through my hardest hours, He was there He never left me, He knew that no matter what I still trusted in Him and believed in Him!

Without God being inside us and with us everywhere we go, we are dead, we are a dead human being, because without God in our lives, we will always wrestle in life, He saved me and He forgave me, for all the times I messed up..... and He will you to!

I was brought up in church, and knowing Jesus, but as I got older--- I lost my way and I was going through so many circles so many hoops in my life, I was wrestling with so many things in my life, I really shouldn't have wrestling with, if I simply would've made God the center of my life as I was brought up to do.

It's not hard to Obey God, it's a matter of hearing and listening to what God's Word says, and giving our hearts, our lives, our families, our friends, our children, our mates to Him. Because always wrestling with your life surely isn't a roller-coaster ride, it isn't fun, it actually is heart-breaking.

There are so many who are wrestling and I Pray in Jesus' Name that they can find God and their way out of their wrestling match and give it all to God and so they can stop wrestling with their lives and what's going on in their lives. In Jesus' Name Amen!

There is so much, God wants to bless us with, only if we will listen. Ever since I started listening and letting God have it all, He has helped me along my way, He has blessed me, I count on Him and I trust in Him. God will not let us stay and be stagnant, and become lost--- give it to God, and He will bring you back and to new areas and places in your life!

He wants us to be fresh, willing and able, full of life, joy, and grown and always full of purpose! Always Love Him, your Parents, and other's and all will go well in your life!


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