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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "Mocking Jesus Christ.....How Could You"

 “Mocking Jesus Christ.....How Could You”

Through my years of web design and graphic creations, I have seen so much mockery of Jesus that it really just makes me so upset that people can sit and sleep when they mock someone so "wonderful and awesome" that saved their sinful lives from sin. They can design graphics to put, beer, and evil looks on portraits of Jesus, putting a cigar or cigarette in His mouth, and showing Him with prostitutes and alike, putting rifles and whips in His hands and swords killing people, how can you say so many awful things about Him, and they haven't even got to know the Man that died on the cross and saved their wretched lives from their sins.

People just have no morals and no respect for someone which went through so much to give His life for everyone in this world, and no matter what He went through they still can sit and talk bad about him, call him names and make mockeries of Him and they can actually sleep at night.

I started creating this website originally in 1998 and in 2010 I couldn't believe my eyes when I was doing some research at the people who can do the things they do and say about "OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST" it is so pathetic that they have nothing better else to do, than to make fun of, and humiliate Him and call Him so many names and use His name in vain.

I see all kinds of bitter and rude inconsiderate, people that mock Jesus Christ, and which, makes other people to possibly look like Christ, when no one knows How Jesus Looks.
I get so frustrated sometimes, when I see this mess, and I shake my head in disagreement.

How can anyone Mock Jesus or talk bad about Him, when they apparently do NOT even know Him enough to stop their mockeries, and damning Him.

Jesus Christ, came to save us ALL from SIN and DEATH. And, if there wasn't a God tell me one thing, how do you possibly think you got here, how was you born, where do you possibly know Him, when you don't even try to know Him.

People showing dogs behind's as Jesus, and people actual people who are mocking Jesus on the Cross. SHAME ON YOU SHAME SHAME SHAME!

How would you really feel if that was you hanging there and bleeding from the crown of your head, nails, nailed into you two feet, and you hands nailed to a Cross, and a spear shoved into your side?

Question: Would you like to be mocked, made fun of, blasphemed, and not be believed in?

Well, here is some insight's for you!

If, you do not stop and REPENT you will definitely be judged by the Lord and you will end up in hell and you will burn forever and ever and you will NOT get out, you can scream and holler all you wish to, because you will burn and know it.


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