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 Welcome to "Weakness –– Made Strong "

“Let the weak say, I am strong!” Joel 3:10Weakness –– Made Strong

2 Samuel 22:32,33


Everyone has weaknesses, everyone has faults but just how weak can we become?

I can’t say, I was completely weak, but I can say that the weaknesses I had caused me to do some bad things. Weaknesses can become a permanent door stopped in out lives, if we allow it to.

I still to this day have weaknesses, but I am stronger than I used to be. One thing, I didn’t and wasn’t aware of was this, I was stronger than I knew I was. Which, I was much younger than allot younger, and I was married real early in life, so there was so very much I didn’t know and I sure didn’t understand.

As, I grew older these feelings and weaknesses became more visible to me. Wow, the things I went through I wish I could do all over again –– because of those weaknesses, but I cant – all I can do is ask forgiveness and learn from all my bad mistakes and ask God to continue to help me, and help me to grown in Him to keep me stronger.

I learned the hard way, so many lessons learned, so many mistakes, and abuse I’ve been through no one really knows just how much, except me God and the ones I entrusted to.

I learned, as my life started to crumble so to speak, my weaknesses was really my own fault, it wasn’t anyone else’s but my own fault, because through all my mistakes and thoughts I continued to believe I was weak and those became my reality.

When, I married my fourth husband, which is my husband now to this very day, Joe Burnette Sr, he made me understand how special I really was, he taught me to stand up and let me know I can!!!

After, a few years I realized, “Yes, I can” but through all my please, for God to help me, He did and through His Ultimate help and His gracious Love and Favor, I seen who my true strength was and from where it came from, and that was God, My Father!

God, is my strength – full complete strength. In 2 Samuel 22:32-33, it says God is my strength, my Rock and my fortress. He wants us to put our faults in only Him, we are to learn my them and our mistakes and He will take care of the rest, we can rest in Him. So, I have and I know He will lead me, guide me, shelter me, I can lean on Him in every way there is, any day, any time, any hour.

I just have to believe and continue to believe in Him, and all He wants me to do, and to always place my trust in Him and do as He asks me to do,

He won’t let me fall nor will He let me fail, He is my strength, my help, my power, my Rock, my fortress, My Savior, My King, My father, My Love, He’s my Promise Keeper, He’s my friend, He’s my Advocate, He’s my Knight and Shinning Armor!!

I know when I feel weak, all I have to do us trust in Him and call upon Him anytime I feel the need to, and believe in His strength and He will give it to me. I’m not perfect, but God always see’s something more than I see in me, and He loves me and I Love Him.

All we have to do, is ask God to make us strong in all our weaknesses and He will give us strength beyond anything we have ever seen.

He wants us to be strong. We are what we believe so if, we think we are weak and continue to believe it, then that’s what we become. The Bible says, “Let the weak say, I am strong!”  Joel 3:10

We have to believe we are strong, even if we are weak in ourselves, the Lord will be strong in us –– Just Trust Him and Believe In Him and all will come together for you!!!

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